Smokey Bones

23 Dec

Smokey Bones is one of those restaurants, that I’ve passed a million times, and have just decided against it. Mostly, because I’m just really over the whole BBQ mania. And, I assumed that’s all they had. I’m not sure what got into me, but on a whim, we pulled in, one day, for lunch.

There’s a lot of “fun” signs hanging around – and the atmosphere seemed upbeat. Our server was great and on top of everything!


You know I have a weakness, for fried pickles (even though the nachos looked REALLY delicious)…

Smokey Bones Fried Pickles

They were very good – perfect breading and good seasoning. Wasn’t wild about the ranch, though.

After much back and forth – and more, back and forth. (The desserts looked awesome – I thought about ditching lunch all together and just order dessert as a meal!)

The husband decided on…

Smokey Bones Pick 2

I believe that was a Pick 2 Combo – pulled pork, turkey, baked beans and roasted corn. Apparently, he doesn’t feel the same way about BBQ that I do. He’s been to Smokey Bones before so…he already knew he liked it.

The only think I was envious of, of his, was his garlic bread.

I didn’t just want to get a salad and I was a little souped out – so, I decided on Chicken Fingers. Yes, I’m truly a 5 yr. old at heart.

SB Chicken Fingers Better

They were…fine. To be fair, I’m in love with Longhorn’s chicken fingers. NO ONE can compare to those little strips of perfection! And, I didn’t like the sauces – that stuff to the right…NOT honey mustard.

But, these bad boys were awesome! Loaded Cheese Fries

SB Cheese Fries

Yum. As much as I’m opposed to BBQ, I did like the taste of it, on these! The husband might have attacked them, too.

Regardless of my feelings about the chicken fingers, I really liked Smokey Bones and I’d love to go back. Those little donuts are so calling my name!

Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill on Urbanspoon

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