Chandler’s Burger Bistro – Delhi

The husband and I are suckers for burgers. If it weren’t for burgers and bacon, I could probably be a sort of vegetarian (I’d still eat fish). I don’t know that there are many food items, in American life, that will beat a perfect burger. Chandler’s  already starts off as a win because 1. they use Bridgetown Finer Meats ground chuck and 2. Servatti’s buns. Seriously, 2 of my favorite places in Cincinnati!

After dropping the boy off (yes, he missed burger night), we got to Chandler’s around 6:30 on a Saturday – I’ve heard some complaints about parking…the parking lot is huge? Chandler’s is busy. It’s Saturday night during prime eating time. Chances are that you’re not going to get a spot right in front. It might mean walking about 15 spaces.

Our quote for 2 people was 35 minutes – not bad! I did hear some grumbling next to me – but, keep in mind that they were a party of 10. Did they think it was going to be easy getting into ANY restaurant?

The inside is huge – lots of TVs, large bar, very retro trendy.

The menu is short and sweet – you know I love that!

Since we were being indecisive, we started off with both the…

Fried Pickles

Fried pickles 2

You know I love me some fried pickles. These were good – not perfect, not the best I’ve ever had…but pretty solid fried pickles. (The homemade ranch was nice, too)

…and the Macaroni Gouda Bites

Gouda bites

Gouda bite close 2

Um, YUM! Typically, macaroni bites can get a little bland but these were awesome. A lot of gouda which gave the cheese some bite. My only complaint is the dipping sauce – COLD marinara = WRONG. A spicy pizza sauce. A southwest ranch. Even a tangy, hot mustard. All better choices.

I liked the Gouda Bites. The husband liked the pickles better. Go figure. It was backwards night.

I knew, going in, what burger the husband was going to pick. Being married to someone for 15 years, you get good at that game. ;)

He got the Big Chandler


The Chandler

Underneath all of that bacon and burger goodness is goetta and fried egg, too! The husband kept talking about the bun (yes, insert all sorts of jokes here) and how good it was. See? Servatti’s wins every time!

Since I have issues with a lot of toppings on my burger (I prefer to stay as lady-like as possible while shoving a burger down my piehole…), I got a Bacon Cheeseburger.

Bacon Cheeseburger

It was a delicious burger – I like that the burger itself was simple. Ground Chuck, some salt and pepper, no fillers or added craziness. And, a perfect bun. ;)

Note that I switched out my fries for onion rings. The husband wanted both but didn’t want to commit to giving up his fries. So, I became the onion ring guinea pig. Good thing because I liked the onion rings much better than the fries. The fries were okay – but, I’m so hard to please in the fry category. The husband’s idea of a perfect fry is the crinkle fry. Enough said. He’ll always like the fries.

Our service was really great, too – she was always right around and right on time. :)

I did have to laugh at the amount of people who tried to sit at the tables without being on a wait. “Oh, they said I could sit AT the bar and eat…does that include these tables?” Seriously, it happened 3 times while we were there. Um, ALL the tables are around the bar. Sitting AT the bar and sitting in the bar AREA are 2 different things. Don’t try to make your own rules people. Go sit in the wait area like all the other nice patrons. ;)

I really liked Chandler’s. I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest it to anyone that wanted a casual dining experience and an awesome burger. It also looks like a fun place to hang around football season. It makes my heart happy that a good restaurant has arrived in the west side.

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Fireside Pizza – Walnut Hills

I had Fireside once, many moons ago, when they came to a Farmer’s Market near me. Since then, I’ve been dying to try it again! Really, there’s almost nothing better than pizza done right. (And, no Larosa’s is NOT pizza done right…) It’s tough getting delicious pizza in Cincinnati.

My 2 boys (that would be the husband and son) and I went last Saturday to get some wood-fired pizza. It’s never a struggle to convince my boys to go for pizza.

I’ll admit – the neighborhood is a little shady. However, parking is ample and convenient. I love that Fireside is in an old fire station – makes for very cool structures and lines.

The pizza menu is on a board behind the bar – a very simple menu…pizza and salads. The woman taking our order was very helpful, knowledgeable and acted like she wanted to be there (love that!)

We paid for our food, got a cool food holder…

Fireside table holder

I mean, I could do without the Simon and Garfunkel but I did dig the vinyl.

There are cafeteria style tables – if anything, I wasn’t crazy about the set up. I’d prefer separate tables. I kept wondering if they were a bar that happens to serve pizza or a pizza place that has a bar?

Our food took a while – like 30-40 minutes for pizza.

Mikey got Cheese Pizza, of course.

Fireside cheese

The hubby’s pizza - Sausage and Pepperoni

Fireside Mike better

And, mine…the Redlegger (Pepperoni, Red Peppers and Onions)

Fireside mine

The pizza was really, REALLY delicious. Nice and crispy thin crust. (I even ate the edges – that NEVER happens!) Sauce was perfect – I loved my toppings and cheese amount. I drizzled some hot oil on it and it was a damn good pizza!

I tried a bite of the husband’s because I’m super picky about sausage. I love that it was crumbly (that’s one of my pizza sausage stipulations). However, I still liked mine better. ;)

The boys loved it. I loved it. It made me happy for my pizza future in the Cincinnati area. We’ll be back, Fireside.

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Bonomini Bakery – Northside

I went cake tasting with my sister a couple of weeks ago – Bonomini Bakery (in Northside, Blue Rock Street) was on her short list. Upon entering the bakery, my nose was immediately filled with amazingly delicious and sweet smells. Donuts! Donuts everywhere! Seriously, it was like being in donut heaven. Coffee cakes and cookies and danish and cakes of all types – and did I mention donuts? Sheer sugar craziness.

Since I knew that I had cakes to taste that day, I sadly left the bakery, without any sweet treats.

Although Bonomini didn’t win the wedding cake (the icing was awesome but we found a perfect, more modern cake, elsewhere –> that would be another bakery that I’m, now, in love with!), I was bound and determined to make it back for donuts.

The next Saturday, I had a lot of stops to make…so I decided that a short trip to Northside was doable. I mean, a few minutes out of my way for donuts? No brainer.

Again, walking in, just deliciousness assaulting me. So many choices! Along with being one of the oldest bakeries around (the Bonominis took over in 1976), they also have been voted #1 for the best Paczkis (that is pronounced “PUNCH-KEY” or “POONCH-KEY”) in Cincinnati. We’ll see about that… ;)

Even though my eyes were roaming, I stuck with donuts. Just donuts.

Bonomini donuts all

They have these little (okay, not so little) donuts, called Klunkers. They’re like fried danish but baby knot fried danish.

Bonomini klunker

Dense, perfect glaze, sweet perfection – seriously, delicious.

Got some chocolate glazed

Bonomini chocolate glazed

Okay, ran into some issues here – Servatti’s chocolate is 100X better. These were not a winner.

Please keep in mind, I didn’t consume FULL donuts in my quest for awesomeness – I was taking bites. (minus the klunker – I ate that whole damn thing)

Chocolate coated cream filled

Bonomini Cream Filled


Again, Servatti’s won this – while I liked the cream filling…the chocolate just wasn’t cutting it.

And, the award-winning Paczkis? They’re available in Glazed, Powdered Sugar and Cinnamon Sugar – I got a Lemon, blueberry and raspberry. Traditionally, they’re only available from Mardi Gras until Lent’s over. Not sure if Bonomini has them all year round.

Bonomini Paczki

I ate a bite of the Lemon one – holy crap weasels, it was amazing. The dough was perfect – fried to complete deliciousness. The lemon filling was amazing – light but tart. A sensory masterpiece.

While there were some major HITS and a couple misses – definitely swing by for some Klunkers and Paczkis! It’s worth the trip. (And the treat)

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Django Western Taco – Northside

You know I love my Mexican. I’ve heard great things about Django‘s Shrimp Taco. Hey, I’m always down for shrimp tacos. (or ANY taco) Right before Christmas, I got a cincysavers email for Django = score!

Now that the husband and I are able to have a normal life again, Saturday night date nights may commence once more.

I liked the ambiance of Django – it was simple yet still slightly trendy. Open kitchen. Friendly servers (seriously, she was awesome!). Lots of smiles. Big open window so you can see what’s going on in the neighborhood.

I loved the simple menu – I hate when restaurants have a big book full of choices.  But, with having a simple menu, you better bring it.

We were brought some Chips and 2 sauces (green and smoky habanero)

Django chips

The chips had a dusting of seasonings – at first, it was fine. But, after the first few, it was just ick. The green sauce was pretty good. I wasn’t a fan of the red – I can’t handle things if the smokiness takes over.

But, I did wash those down with a YUMMY (and it was!) Honey Margarita.

Django Honey Margarita

And, you know that I was getting Guacamole!

Django guacamole

It needed to be chunkier. Needed more lime and more salt. Take those damn radishes out of it, too. But, they did give me a ton of guacamole. Which is rare.

The husband got the Queso Chorizo

Django Queso

Okay, I’m a huge fan of queso (who isn’t?). I’m a huge fan of chorizo. This was just awful. Some chorizo. A sprinkle of queso. And, potatoes (yes, we read the description). The taste was very off-putting. They really need to revamp that stuff.

Husband’s tacos – Shrimp and Pork tacos

Django pork and shrimp tacos

The tacos on the left and right are the 2 shrimp. The middle is the pork. He loved the shrimp – like, couldn’t get enough of it, regretted getting the pork, loved it. He did like the pork. He was just that in love with the shrimp.

I got a Shrimp Taco and a Beef Taco

Django shrimp and beef taco

I ate the beef first, just in case the shrimp spoiled it for me. I really liked the beef – it had great flavor. I do wish that the horseradish sauce was a little stronger. The sizes and the corn tortillas were perfect. The shrimp taco was awesome – super crispy fried shrimp combined with the sweet chili sauce and the smooth goat cheese was just a fabulous combination.

We, also, split a piece of Jalapeno-Bacon Cornbread

Django cornbread

It was okay. I know this is going to sound ridiculous but I would have enjoyed it more if there wasn’t bacon in it. The bacon didn’t add anything to the taste or texture.

I was so full I was going to die.

Which is why we got dessert.

Django dessert

The cinnamon chips were fantastic – the chocolate dipping sauce was super rich. Could only handle a tiny dab on each chip. (I would have preferred a raspberry sauce but realize that I’d be seriously out-voted on that choice)

As a whole, I would rate our dinner as average. I wasn’t overwhelmed and wow-ed. The best things were the margarita and the beef and shrimp taco. Would I choose Django over Nada or Bakersfield? Hells, no! But, I wouldn’t turn it down if someone asked if I’d like to go there.

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A Short Trip to TN – Pigeon Forge & Gatlinburg

Last year, we took a week long vacation, in the middle of Christmas break, to Destin. While I love the beach AND Destin, it was just too much packing for a longer trip and making a 12 hour car ride. So – this year, we decided that a short weekend getaway to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge would be just enough…it was!

First of all, I don’t stay in cabins or chalets. It smells musty and woodsy and it takes 30 minutes, each way, just to make it into town. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Plus, I wanted my boy to have an indoor pool. So, we stayed at a hotel, right off of the strip and I saw this right outside of our window…

King Kong better

Seriously – does it get better than that?

I love Destin but it’s for the beach and the slow, leisurely life. Activity-wise, not a lot going on.

Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg are action packed! Our first night in, we checked in and drove into Gatlinburg. Our first dinner stop was the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. I’ve been there before – the food is average but I just really like the movie Forrest Gump. ;) And, it’s fun playing trivia with the servers.

We started off with some Seafood Hush Pups

Bubba Gump Hushpuppies

They seemed so promising but were a fail. Just average hushpuppies with a teeny bit of crab and a below average dipping sauce.

My boy got Mama’s Southern Fried Chicken (can you believe no cheeseburger or steak?)

Bubba Gump Fried Chicken

He ate about half – but, he was struggling with the crunchy breading and braces. :)

The husband got the Steamed Shellfish

Bubba Gump Shrimp Pot


He was disappointed in its size and was eyeballing mine the whole time.

I got the Shrimper’s Heaven

Bubba Gump Shrimp mine

The best one was the tempura – I had issues with their ramekins, too. Super short and made it impossible to actually DIP your shrimp into.

A fun experience but…food-wise, it’s just okay. (But, I knew that going in)

We shopped in Gatlinburg for a couple of hours (such good shopping and I got to spend forever in a Tervis store!!!) and went back to the hotel.

For breakfast, the next morning, we went to Flapjack’s Pancake Cabin. If I never see the words pancake, moonshine, hillbilly or dixie stampede again, I’ll be okay. We were just going to eat the free breakfast at the hotel but the boys were disappointed in the choices. I didn’t really care as long as I got coffee.

Which, I did…

Flapjacks coffee

Here’s what everyone got…

Egg White Omelette (the husband was attempting to be healthy, I guess)

Flapjacks omelette

My boy got some scrambled eggs, bacon and pancakes.

Flapjacks mikey

Flapjacks pancakes

I got French Toast

Flapjacks french toast

I didn’t like it. It didn’t taste like anything – and it, definitely, didn’t taste like their description! Whatever, I got coffee.

We went to the outlets, raced at the track, played mini-golf, went to the winery and took on Christmas Land. Lots of fun and lots of things bought.

About that time, it was time for lunch. The one place that we HAVE to go when we’re in Pigeon Forge is Mel’s Diner. Told you I’m easy to please. Give me really good diner food and I’m happy.

We sat at the bar – kind of cool to be able to watch all the food go out and chat with the servers.

Both the boys got burgers…

Mel's burger

Mel's bacon burger

And, Mikey got a chocolate shake

Mel's milkshake

And they give you all the extra yummy goodness still in the metal tin, too!

I got a Fried Bologna sandwich – yeah, culinary snobs, take that! You can take the girl out of the west side but you can’t take the west side out of the girl. ;)

Mel's me

It was damn delicious, too. The fries were okay but the onion rings were awesome!!!!

Please note – this was my favorite meal of our short trip. ;)

After lunch, we went to the arcade and did some more shopping – trying to kill some time before we went to a magic show in the evening.

We had a really LATE dinner, that night – hence, no pictures – at Calhoun’s

The husband and son both got steak – prime rib and a sirloin. I got chicken fingers (hoping that they would be as good as Longhorn’s) – nope. Just okay and horrible honey mustard.

After a long day of lots of activities, we went back to the hotel to pass out from exhaustion.

Sidenote: They have a freestanding Krispy Kreme in Pigeon Forge. When that hot light now button comes on, watch out! There was a line, at all times, around the building and about 6 cars onto the street. It was madness. Even more madness that we waited in that line so Mikey could feed his Krispy Kreme addiction.

The next morning, we packed our bags and headed out. It was a perfect short trip and just enough to escape “normal” life for a couple of days.

You know what I had on the way home? Krystal. Lord love the south.

…And, I’m back on Weight Watchers. ;)





Baba Shawarma Grill – Cheviot

Yes, send out the search dogs. I’ve been missing. Seriously, from about the first weekend of November and New Year’s, I’m too busy to even breathe most days. So, blogging is out of the question.

I did, however, go on a gyro hunt, for a lunch, a couple of weeks ago. I was craving some lamb (yep, that can happen, I swear). Baba Shawarma Grill (no website), in Cheviot, has gyros for $3.99 on Mondays. Hey, being as I pass by there, almost weekly, to go to the comic book store (don’t ask), I was ready for some gyros.

I went through the drive thru because I’m lazy. The cashier was super friendly – and was wearing all sorts of greek jewelry. I was hopeful that not only the gyro would be good but that they would nail the tzatziki sauce.

I ordered a Gyro (of course) with a side of Greek Fries.

Shwarma gyro

Shwarma Greek Fries

I really loved the Greek Fries – it inspired me to make my own. ;)

The gyro – I had mixed feelings. The lamb and pita were both really tasty. There was lettuce on it – lettuce does NOT belong on a gyro. And, the tzatziki was a huge disappointment. Way too much dill – I could hardly taste any cucumber.

I did enjoy my meal…until about 3AM hit and I got a big, nasty stomach ache. No puking was involved but I felt like lead had taken up permanent residence in my stomach. I’m not sure if the 2 are related but I don’t know that I’d want to chance it.

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Betta’s Italian Oven – Norwood

The husband and I are always on the hunt down for good pizza (don’t even think of saying Larosa’s to me!). Since he got to pick food for our “cheat day”, he steered us to a little restaurant that he used to frequent for work lunches – Betta’s Italian Oven.  I’m always down for Italian (especially wood-fired pizza!)

It’s quaint – just enough space. A big old fiery oven greets you. :)

My attention was totally on pizza. And, maybe garlic bread. And, I could have been eyeballing the meatball hoagie too. But, I was staying strong with my pizza choice.

The food…

Our besties ordered Calamari

Betta's Calamari

We ordered Garlic Bread with cheese (okay, I lost that battle of will there)

Betta's Garlic Bread

Um – yum. I suppose I’ll get yelled at for saying that the marinara was too chunky, right? But, I was totally into the crusty, garlicky, cheesy goodness!

Italian Sausage Hoagie (that was my girl bestie)

Betta's Italian Sausage Hoagie

Meatball Hoagie (that was the husband’s choice)

Betta's Meatball Hoagie

AND he got a Diavola Pizza (he’s not very good at making up his mind)

Betta's Diavola Pizza

I did steal one bite of his hoagie – the bread was REALLY good. Nice and crusty on the outside, a smidgen chewy and soft on the inside. Needed much more cheese. And, I’m not a fan of the potato chips as the side. The husband told me to zip it about my potato chip issue. ;)

Our boy bestie got a Pepperoni and Bacon pizza

Betta's Pepperoni and Bacon Pizza

My teen boy got a Cheese Pizza (he’s, oh so, predictable)

Betta's Cheese Pizza

I got a Pepperoni, Green olive and Goat Cheese Pizza

Betta's my pizza

I loved loved loved my pizza. Thin and crispy crust – I liked the taste of the fire. When you got to the crust, it was crunchy but still had layers. I would have preferred a little more flavor with the sauce. But, goat cheese will make me happy, no matter what it’s on. ;)

We got a lot of pizza – our server told us that pizzas were  10 inches and I’m not sure what size we had in our heads. We pictured smalls. They were big – like a medium pizza. I took some home, obviously!

By the time we left, there was quite a line of people stacking up! Fabulous pizza – I will definitely be back when the pizza craving hits! We ALL enjoyed Betta’s!

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Longhorn Steakhouse (Rookwood) – Fall into Flavor

Yes, I’ve blogged about Longhorn Steakhouse before. However, I was invited to a Blogger’s dinner, a couple of weeks ago, to taste their new “Fall into Flavor” menu. Just coming back from my Mediterranean Cruise (yes, I had to get that in there!), I was totally down for some American cookin’! And, better yet, cooking I didn’t have to do! ;)

In addition to amazing service and a lesson on steaks, we were treated to some pretty awesome food.

Sweet Corn Fritters

Sweet Corn Fritters

Golden and super crispy – kind of like a sweeter hush puppy. I, of course, enjoyed the dipping sauce.

Brew Pub Pretzel Sticks

Brew Pub Pretzel Sticks

My best friend is a pretzel eating freak! She would have loved these.  See that little ramekin, filled with yellow goodness? THAT is the best honey mustard in the whole world. Yes, the honey mustard that comes with my beloved chicken fingers.

Wild West Shrimp

Wild West Shrimp

If we do get an appetizer, at Longhorn, this is one that we order. I love the spicy shrimp with the peppers. It’s not quite Bang Bang Shrimp status, but they’re very good.

Spicy Chicken Bites

Spicy Chicken Bites

The chicken itself is delicious because it’s handcrafted at Longhorn. I wasn’t crazy about the sauce and the dipping sauce choice. It needed something.

After all of that greasy goodness, we needed a little healthiness.

Bleu Ridge Wedge Salad

Bleu Ridge Wedge Salad

I have ranted and raged against the wedge salad time and time again. To me, it’s iceburg lettuce with some dressing on it. I find it ridiculous to spend a lot of money on one. However, this one was really delicious (that just hurt my heart a little to admit that). The bleu cheese was chunky and homemade. It had LOTS of bacon on it. Yes, I’m a fan of the bacon. I added a crapton of pepper and it was tasty.

Big moment – we got our choices of steaks! (Fresh, never frozen – corn fed cattle)

Fresh Steaks

Being a LADY, I got a filet. ;) Seriously, I don’t know that I would order another steak. Typically, at Longhorn, I get salmon or chicken fingers. I’m just that person that will always order seafood, first.

Harvest Mushroom Filet

Harvest Mushroom Filet

It was, of course, good. I never met a filet I didn’t like.

They, also, made (at the table!) some steak sauce. It tasted like a combination between A-1 and Lea and Perrins steak sauce.

Making Steak Sauce

But, I’m always a sucker for action at the table!

The husband got the 18oz Outlaw Ribeye. Yeah, that’s a big steak.

Outlaw Ribeye

It’s like a Fred Flinstone steak, which the husband enjoyed. I don’t think he’s ever met a steak that he didn’t enjoy.

Mike chose asparagus as his side. I got the new Potato and Leek Au Gratin.

Potato and Leek Au Gratin

Eh – I wasn’t really a fan. It was dry. Needed more flavor.

And, what’s a complete dinner without dessert?

Pumpkin Spice Lava Cake

Pumpkin Spice Lava Cake

Okay – I’ll admit it. I didn’t want to like it. Only because the whole “pumpkin craziness” has gotten out of control. (I don’t need my whole life to smell and taste like pumpkin) But, it was really damn good. I thought I’d want extra bites of the chocolate dessert (see below) but, I kept going back to this one!

Chocolate Stampede

Chocolate Stampede

I wish that the picture could reflect how ungodly huge this thing was! Make sure, if you order it, that you bring a couple of friends along. If you’re a chocolate lover, this is the dessert for you. Me? I much prefer a piece of key lime pie with raspberry sauce.

It was a lovely dinner all around. I like that Longhorn stays trendy and always creates new products and flavors.

I say that but you know that I’ll be ordering my chicken fingers with extra honey mustard! What can I say? I enjoy simplicity.














Avocados – Cheviot

I love Mexican food. And, I love small, local businesses.  I was pretty excited that an independent restaurant, Avocados (no website), opened up right in our back yard. Believe me, as a westsider, I’m still waiting to be impressed by local eating.

Saturday, early evening, the husband and I used our cheat day as an opportunity to try some new eats. When we walked into Avocados, it was us and one other table (and, this is a pet peeve of mine…about 3 servers were out front, smoking). But, with it being so slow, I was hoping for some good service and great food! ;)

I wish I could say that both happened. Really, I do. I don’t like giving bad reviews to local owned restaurants but…here we go.

Service was just slooooow. We had to ask for a couple of items 2X. When our food was up, I heard the bell ringing to “come get it” about 5X (although our server was lounging up front, by the computer).

Food? Well, for being so-called “authentic”, the menu looked just like most other Mexican restaurant menus. Yes, they have tortas and street tacos (I’ll get to that later) but everything else was pretty much the same old, same old.

Every table gets chips and salsa

Chips and Salsa

Chips were pretty average. (not Nada awesome!). Light and crispy. Salsa was  boring – needed just a smidgen of a kick.

Because it was our cheat day, we ordered some Chorizo Cheese Fries. (that was a husband pick)

Chorizo Cheese Fries

The chorizo was good – but…it’s chorizo! ;) Queso was kind of bland – not bad, just nothing special.

The hubby got a burrito (it was between that or a chimichanga)


Sorry – the burrito is buried! He said that it was all okay. I tried a bite of his beans – they tasted like they came right from a can.

I love me some street style tacos – but, right off the bat, I was skeptical. EVERY taco listed had the same toppings on them. Cilantro and onions. Okay…not even going to try to expand the taco tastes?

Baja Fish, Shrimp and Carnitas Tacos


Probably can’t tell the difference, can you? The fish tasted just like fish, no seasoning or marinade. Same with the shrimp. Even the carnitas flavor was hiding somewhere (not in my taco) And, again with all the same toppings.

Also – notice what’s missing (and what I love)? GUACAMOLE!

I ordered guacamole. The server smiled and said okay. But, when the food came out, our non-server told me that they were OUT OF guacamole!

Um, there are 2 tables in the restaurant and I doubt you had a rush before 5PM. And, your restaurant is named AVOCADOS?!?!? How the hell are you going to be out of the ingredient that your restaurant is named after?

Pretty much, after that point, I was all done with them.

Bad service. Non-interesting menu. Average food. And, out of  items(aka: probably too expensive to make or didn’t feel like making it for the day).

The husband and I were disappointed that we wasted a cheat day on this. So  sorry Avocados – won’t be back again. I’d rather drive downtown to Nada or Bakersfield.

Avocados Cocina Mexicana on Urbanspoon





Terry’s Turf Club

Yes, I’m a little late to the game, blogging about Terry’s Turf Club (no website). But, keep in mind, I’ve never seen the movie “Frozen” either. I live in my own little bubble.

The husband and I are dieting (it’s the no fun diet, believe me) so we have Saturdays as our cheat days. What better way to shovel down some calories than with a greasy burger?

I imagine that we hyped Terry’s Turf Club way up – I mean, most everyone raves about it. They were on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. And, they’re packed all the time. My expectations were super high.

We got there about 5:30 on a Saturday and we got lucky in the parking – right across the street due to my husband’s supreme parallel parking skills!

I love that it was fun and funky on the outside…

Terry's Turf Club Smiley Face

Terry's Turf Club outside

We only had to wait about 10 minutes (with some very “interesting” people outside). And, we got to sit in the cool shoe shine booth. Of course, that means that the husband and I had to share a side – I hate being “that” couple. ;)

Here was our view from the top…

Terry's Turf Club inside

It was good for people watching.

I was supposed to remember to take a picture of the menu but I was so overwhelmed by burger toppings that it kind of fell to the wayside.

While debating our choices, the husband ordered some chili.

Terry's Turf Club Chili

It was okay. Very tomato-y and not very chili-y (yes, those are actual terms).

It also came out super fast which got our hopes all high for fast food delivery.

Being as the burger was $8.50 and each “gourmet” topping was about $2.50, I knew I had to take it easy or else I’d end up with a $20 burger. (I wanted some avocado, goat cheese and bacon…plus a side of bearnaise). I’ll show you what I ended up with in a sec. The hubby’s first.

He got a burger, added wasabi and a side of fries.

Terry's Turf Club Mike burger better

I’ll give you our thoughts, at the bottom.

My burger – burger with avocado and a side of fries with cheese dip ($2.50)

Terry's Turf Club My burger

The bun was WRONG. Ciabatta, not a good choice. (and the bottom was soggy anyway). TOO frickin’ big! Seriously – I’m really supposed to take a bite out of that? Can I get the avocado cut so it looks like I might ATTEMPT to eat it whole? And my cheese dip was a 2 oz plastic ramekin. That’s some expensive cheese.

The food was delivered with a knife (needed to ask for a fork later after I deconstructed my burger)- I took the avocado off (goodbye $2.50) and super smushed my sandwich down.  The burger was okay. Just tasted like a hunk of semi-dry meat.

The husband, while able to chew his, agreed with me (will wonders never cease!). He could barely taste the wasabi (goodbye again, $2.50!) and he was seriously underwhelmed by the whole thing.

The fries were average (think, Penn Station fries) but required serious salt dousing. The FIRST thing the husband said to me…”You’re going to need more salt on those”. It’s BAD when he thinks that they need more salt. I mean, I’m like a human salt lick but him? His salt expectations are way low. ;)

Our food also took about 25-30 minutes to come out.

I did love the host – he was fantastic and chatty. :)

We chatted after we ate and paid our $50 (with tip – yes, 2 burgers, 2 soft drinks and a chili). We’d rather have Quatman’s for a basic burger and Smashburger or Red Robin for a gourmet burger.

I don’t understand the hype. I didn’t like Terry’s Turf Club.

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