Let the feeding frenzy begin!

Okay, so, not technically an all out-and-out feeding frenzy BUT, I’ve decided that since it’s Lent, my first tastings will be at local Fish Fry’s (is that the plural?) I’m a West Side girl and there is a Catholic Church on every corner, so the fish sandwiches will be plentiful! I’m saying this upfront…I do have a fish sandwich that will be the ultimate comparison and it will take a helluva fish sandwich to outdo this one!!!

As of right this second, my #1 fish sandwich – by Bridgetown Finer Meats – looks a little something like this…

Holy Fish Sandwich

It’s ridiculous good! It’s fresh and flaky – the breading isn’t overpowering but it has just the right crunch and bite. The bread is just dark enough and it comes with all the yummy garden condiments! The tartar sauce is super yum – mild with just a slight pickle taste and the touch of dill sends it over the edge!

So, these West Side (and, okay, maybe some Kentucky ones, too) Fish Fry’s have some big fins to fill!

To be fair, I will order a fish sandwich at every Fish Fry – but, believe me, I’ll be factoring in sides and choices!

Hold on to your scales, I’m on my way!

Bridgetown Finer Meats & Wine Shop on Urbanspoon

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