Holy Fish! Week 2 – St. James White Oak

I heard fabulous things about St. James White Oak Fish Fry – so, of course, I was lured in. (Get it, LURED in) I know I’m dork. It’s okay.

Because fried fish (and fish in general) is darn yummy, my sister, dad and stepmom, joined me on this stop of the fishy tour. So did my son, but he doesn’t count because he only consumes the desserts.

Some confusion about how to get to the fish fry (church underbelly) – but that was user error. Us, being the stupid users.

The nice fish fryers gave us directions to where to place orders and by doing so, we got to see behind the scene actions. Lots of organizational skills here – everyone knew what they were doing!

VERY organized – BIG signs telling you what to order, where to order (dinner, beverages and dessert) and where to go! Menu was limited – they did have a shrimp dinner but my silly rules (fish sandwich ordering only) bamboozled me yet again.

One awesome touch was the choice of white, rye or SALTED rye for my fish sandwich. I chose salted rye. Hello, salty goodness! I ordered a side of mac’n’cheese also. My total for the fish sandwich and mac’n’cheese? $6.00 – eh, not sure how I feel about that. I could have gotten a fish DINNER (fish, 2 sides and bread) for $6.50! Kind of steep on the sandwich.

Within 2 minutes, order was up, asked for extra tartar sauce and there I saw it…the MALT VINEGAR! Let’s just say, this totally shoved this fish fry to the top. I love vinegar – no really. I LOVE all things vinegar. After taking a ramekin full, we sat down at the table-clothed and Easter decorated table. Nice touch, St. James! There was a lot of seating – and they needed it!

Sat down and eating began…

Tartar sauce – I want to say that it was Frisch’s tartar sauce and if it wasn’t, it sure tasted like it. So, bonus points for the tartar sauce!

The macaroni and cheese didn’t wow me – but, I realize that it’s hard to keep the integrity of mac’n’cheese when it has to sit for a while. The pasta gets too puffy and there’s really nothing to avoid that. It was average and for a fish fry, pretty good.

My family thought that the fish was good – a little pricey (Drinks, alone, were $1.75), but good. And it was uber-crowded by the time we left! (About 6:30)

My score for St. James Fish Fry…

Friendliness – 5 stars *****

Menu Variety – 3 stars ***

Fish Sandwich – 4 stars ****

Next week, I visit St. Al’s!!!

One thought on “Holy Fish! Week 2 – St. James White Oak

  1. What time are you going to MQOH? Might have to meet you guys for that one! Tell Mikey, if he’s good, he might get to have his picture taken with the CodFather outside the church!

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