Holy Fish! Week 3 – St. Aloysius Gonzaga

I switched things up a little this week. Since I thought I was going to be fish frying it solo, I was going to swing through to the Kentucky ones BUT, my family decided to join me again! Yah! So, venue was changed back to St. Al’s.

I’ve heard good things about St. Al’s Fish Fry – so maybe my expectations going in were too much? The menu was very simple and basic. NOT a bad thing. I like simple…as long as it’s well done.

Okay – I’m going to preface this post by saying that I’m slightly cranky tonight. It’s just been one of those days, ya know? So, I might take some frustration out on the fish!

I met my Dad and Stepmom there – and it was already crowded. However, there wasn’t a lot of space to eat. It was the school’s lunchroom and it was PACKED. The fact that there were kids (I’m assuming volunteers – they were bigger kids) RUNNING everywhere, acting nuts, made ordering a little tiresome.

We had to go through the lunch line – bleh. Believe me, I don’t miss the days of school trays. I like the fact that I don’t have to single file to receive lunch on a daily basis.

We ordered 2 shrimp dinners and a fish dinner – St. Al’s, by far, has been the best value Fish Fry so far. With the dinners, you get fish (my parents got shrimp), green beans, mac’n’cheese, cole slaw, a dessert and 2 pieces of bread (well, I did) for $7!!!! It’s a lot of food for the $.

There was a tiny station, set up with tartar sauce, ketchup and cocktail sauce and then you had to SQUEEZE through to find the beverages (which also came with the meal!).

We managed to find 3 open seats (did I mention that my son abandoned me on the fish fry adventure…the turd) and sat down to eat our food.

And, the fish sandwich…

…I don’t think fish comes in that form. It was okay – but not something that I would want to purposely eat again. And, a la Forrest Gump, that’s all I have to say about that.

I don’t want to sound all negative – fish frys (can I get a call on whether that’s the plural or not please!) are for a good cause and they are all really popular. People do it out of the joy and love for God – I mean, what’s not great about that?!?! My company tonight was outstanding (I did miss my sis, who got stuck in traffic) and I got to enjoy quality time with my peeps. I love that my fish fry adventure is bringing along family and people are enjoying it. That’s my love!

My advice to everyone – go out and explore your neighborhood food and your neighbors!!!! The common denominator has been the friendliness of everyone who is working and eating!

My final word on St. Al’s…

Friendliness – 4 stars ****

Menu Variety – 3 stars ***

Fish – 2 stars **

Coming up, I’m visiting TWO Kentucky Fish Frys – the Codfather versus the Sole Sisters. Damn, I love this gig.

3 thoughts on “Holy Fish! Week 3 – St. Aloysius Gonzaga

  1. I think I may have lured the Dark Haired one (and associated redheads) into joining you next week! We want to check out St. Joe’s aka The Sole Sisters.

  2. I think it’s supposed to be Fish Fries according to Wikipedia. LOL! Still looks odd no matter how you type it.

    Growing up, St. Williams in Price Hill always had the best fish fry. Haven’t been there since I graduated from the 8th grade in 1988 though. Bet it has changed…a lot. LOL!!!

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