Holy Fish! Week 5 – Whitewater Crossing Christian Church

So – this was my surprise Fish Fry. My Dad invited me 2 weeks ago and up until yesterday, I didn’t know the church’s name. Turns out, it’s Whitewater Crossing Christian Church, in Cleves and the only reason I know is because I googled it. Oh, silly old people and their lack of memories!

Whitewater Crossing only does ONE Fish Fry per Lenten Season so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. It could be really awesome or it could just be really horribly wrong! I tried to go online and search out a menu but there wasn’t one. (turns out, there’s a reason for that!)

We pulled into the church lot around 6 – waiting for our other peeps to arrive. Whitewater Crossing is not a Catholic Church. They do the Fish Fry as a discipleship – “fishing” for men. And, you just might have to be a churchie, like me, to understand that!

I was excited to see the Whitewater Fire Department pull in, after me – does my heart good to see full support from the neighborhood! But, I’m a sap like that.

Let me insert here that my Dad and stepmom were attending with their neighbor, who attends church at Whitewater Crossing, to this Fish Fry. I have heard SO much about this neighbor that I was beyond excited to meet her. Let’s just say, that she’s a spunky senior and I am the senior whisperer. Hello, match!

We all meet – and we go to buy our fish!!!!!! The price is $7, no choices, just $7. I’m leery.

Along comes a cute kid, asking us to circle the items that we wanted on our tickets – the choices were chicken, fish, white or rye. I can feel the dread coming upon me. I picked Fish and Rye. My hopes were not very high.

We waited…and waited. Probably about 20 minutes – still waiting. I’m a patient person and of course, I was quickly bonding with my new senior buddy.

A man hands us our boxes and we;re escorted to the dining area. I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to find a seat but it was meant to be and there was a whole table open. Amen!

We sit down and QUICKLY, SERVERS came around – asked us what we want to drink and they immediately came back with beverages. Hello, score! Then, came the condiment girls – trays full of ketchup, bbq and extra tartar sauce. Double score! I don’t even have to leave my table. The lazy girl in me absolutely adores this touch!

I open my box – not thinking that what awaited me could be delicious goodness.

*insert Hallelujah chorus here*

Seriously – take a careful look at this box. This is a perfect box of Fish Fry food. The fish looked awesome. The bread (LOOK AT IT), marbled rye! Crispy crinkle fries that were in a cute bag. Tartar on the side. Cole Slaw. Silverware – salt, pepper and napkins! The epitome of Fish Fry in one tasty box.

It looked amazing but it still had to make it past my taste test. I took a bite – it was crispy, flaky and fresh. I cut it in half and put it on the bread. Guess what? The AMAZING marbled rye bread held up. No puddle of breaded mush! I dipped my sandwich in tartar sauce and that, too, was good. Not Bridgetown Finer Meats ridiculously good but good. I was just slightly disappointed that there wasn’t any vinegar. But, I was too happy with this Fish Fry to really give it another thought.

The fact that the fish was absolutely delicious made up for the lack of menu variety. While I appreciate choices, I mostly appreciate people picking one thing and just doing it really well.

I had a great evening – I’m sure it was a combo of the fish AND the company. Plus, I just really felt a kindred spirit with this church and the people and their purpose. I have every intention of returning next year!

I’m going to cheat a little here and say that this has been my favorite – just for the fish and all around experience.

BTW – my son was with me again. He drank a bunch of orange drink and made me get him Skyline after. Turd. And, as we were walking out – I spotted it. The malt vinegar. Oh, to doubt the perfect Fish Fry.

Where Whitewater Crossing Christian stands…

Menu Variety – 2 stars **

Friendliness – 5 stars *****

Fish Taste – 5 stars *****

Not sure what’s going on next week – I know that some churches don’t do fish fries on Good Friday so it’ll be a surprise to me, too, where I end up!!!!!!!!

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