Holy Fish – Final Week! Back to my Fish Fav!

A lot of churches don’t have Fish Fries on Good Friday – so I went back to where it all started…Bridgetown Finer Meats.

My parents and their 2 neighbors have never experienced the beauty of the BFM Fish Fry. I’ve made them run around town, in search of wonderful fried fish but here is perfection, right in their own backyard.

Since there’s no dine-in at BFM, I gathered up the order, called ahead of time (love it!) and went at 5:30 (in the torrential rain!!!) to pick up my 2 Fabulous Friday Fish Sandwiches and 2 Big Mike’s Shrimp Boats (who is this Big Mike and what makes his shrimp so tasty?)

I went through the drive-thru and I felt horrible for the fish fryers – they had just buckets of rain, seeping through their tent, as they fried the delicious fish and shrimp. I have to give it up for their talent and dedication! I gave them my name, paid the $36 (a little pricey, but you’ll understand in a minute), was handed my bag filled with fried goodies and drove off. (Yes, I got the non-eater, my son, Skyline ahead of time)

I arrived at my Dad’s house and wondered if my Fish Fry experiences would still lead me to my same love for BFM Fish?

I opened my box…

Oh BFM Fish Sandwich – how I missed you. You ARE everything I remembered you to be. Hearty and a bun that fits the fish (or is it the other way around?) The perfect tartar sauce…

Fish, perfectly fried and flaky. Perfect texture and filled with all the toppings…

Seriously – it just doesn’t get better than that!

I’ve been to 6 Fish Fries over the course of the Lenten Season – and still, this is the fish that I crave.

Oh – almost forgot the shrimp since I was so busy drooling over the memory of my fish!

The shrimp was crunchy and so they said…delicious. Good cocktail sauce, on the side! (I’ll have to give that a whirl next year!)

My final thoughts on Fish Fries are this – GO OUT and visit your local churches and organizations. Support them and get some fish and good fellowship in the process. Grab your family and friends – instead of spending $40 at a restaurant that you’ve been to a million times, try something new…a place where your money is making a difference!

I have had so much fun the past few weeks (my son might be screaming a different story) – just being with my family and searching for amazing fish. I’m so excited to go again next year (except next year, I’m going to expand and order anything that I want) and I hope that I have as many takers to “help” as I do with my Summer Series (sorry, you have to wait for that). My friends need to learn how to love the fish. I don’t know that I ever get tired of it. After chowing down on the fat fish sandwich pictured above, my husband and I went to Bonefish Saturday night! I’m a fish addict. Ask me about my love of fish tacos sometime.

I guess I should do a final ranking – and I’ve thought of what to base it on 1000 times. My bottom line is the fish taste – that’s what I set out for, so that’s my final judgement.

Based solely (*snort*) on Fish Taste, here are the final standings…(and for dramatic effect, I’m going to start with the last and build up to the first)

#7 – St. Joe’s

#6 – St. Al’s

#5 – St. Theresa

#4 – St. James

#3 – Mary Queen of Heaven

#2 – Whitewater Crossing

#1 – Bridgetown Finer Meats

I’ll have to say though, that the top 3 are very close – they were ALL excellent fish sandwiches. I’d have them all again! But, my true love is the one from BFM – seriously…if you live over here on the old west side (or even if you don’t), GET TO BFM during the Lenten season to eat some yummy fish!!!!!

Stay tuned for my Summer Series and more restaurant reviews (my husband has been yelling at me because I have 2 reviews that I need to post!)

Happy Easter!

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