Market Street Grille – Harrison, OH

We don’t live in Harrison, but we’re there often enough. As a community, they’re growing but one thing that they lack is shopping and DINING. There are a handful of restaurants, most of those being chains. I’ve heard about Market Street Grille for a while, mostly for their special occasion brunches (I’m so not a breakfast sort of girl, however), and the husband and I decided to give them a whirl, after looking at their menu! It seemed to be a good balance of home style food done a tad upscale.

We got there on a Saturday night, kind of early (I notice that the older we get, the earlier we go out to eat – we suck) and thankfully, they weren’t on a wait…yet. The hostess took us to the side room, where a HUGE party (birthday, maybe) was already sitting down. The inside of the restaurant reminds me of an old house – it’s very cute. Just the right amount of old world charm. Floors were squeaky, but I like that.

Back to the large party. I guess we should have asked to move but my husband and I are not whiners. (well, I might be a little) They were loud – not typically a big deal but there was a toddler, who would NOT SHUT UP. I’m a mom. I get it – toddlers are turds. But, when you’re in a restaurant, with other diners, remove him from the situation. The meltdown was over a toy car.

Again – we should have asked to move but we’ve both worked in the restaurant industry and didn’t want to be troublemakers. We’d rather suffer in silence.

Our server took a few minutes to get there – I’m assuming she was boggled with the large party but once she made it to us, it was fabulous. No appetizers for us – I don’t eat a lot and my husband just started doing P90X, so…you know how that goes.

Our son, who was with us on Date Night, ordered a cheeseburger. The ADULT cheeseburger. (cause he’s a cheeseburger hog). My husband ordered the Grilled Salmon (8 ounce grilled fresh or encrusted in a sweet crushed walnut blend served with wild rice, vegetables, garnished with chives infused olive oil and balsamic syrup. $18.95) and I ordered the Stuffed Portabelo Mushroom (A grilled portabelo mushroom cap stuffed with tender shrimp, roma tomatoes, leeks and spinach in a creamy lobster sauce, served with garlic mashed potatoes. $19.95)

I have to admit – I like seeing my husband getting all hopped up when he realizes how much my meal costs versus how much of it I’m going to be able to eat. There’s always to go boxes. AND – I might have upgraded to the Goat Cheese Salad (Medallions of goat cheese with baby mixed greens, tomatoes, pears, caramelized walnut and warm balsamic vinaigrette) I am a sucker for all things goat cheese. Seriously, I love it. If there’s a menu item and goat cheese is an ingredient, I’m ordering it – bottom line.

Our food was nicely paced – I didn’t feel rushed and the server was attentive. Our salads came out and because I was overwhelmed with the need to shove my face into the goat cheese, I forgot to take a picture! But, it was a delicious salad – I didn’t really dig the pears but loved the caramelized walnuts, the vinaigrette and of course, the goat cheese (which was lightly coated and seared and slightly warm – yum)! I did have to ask for a little extra dressing but, not a big deal. The bread basket was average – typical bread. My husband liked it. The boy ignored it. Because I was saving room for my meal, I plucked off all the goat cheese and had some salad left. A manager did come over and ask if something was wrong with my salad – I thought that was very nice of them to be so aware! It was a great salad, I just couldn’t finish it.

And, here comes the food…

My son’s cheeseburger

It looked yummy – pictures were taken with my husband’s cell phone so forgive how horrible they are! My husband saw the crinkle fries and immediately deemed it a worthy plate. He does love the crinkle fries.

My husband’s salmon…

Looked delicious and very much P90X approved.

My Stuffed Portabella…

I think I was the big winner – and yes, there is a mushroom underneath all of that creamy goodness!

It was loaded with shrimp and tomatoes – lots of spinach too. I dug into it and each bite was just as good as the first.

My son and husband scarfed down their food – so I’m assuming that theirs was delicious also. Actually, my husband loved the sauce that they put on the salmon and said that he would definitely get it again. Then, he snuck in some crinkle fries.

I had to get a to go box – I was just filled to the brim. But, good news was…had a snack for later!

Minus the screaming child, our experience was darn near perfect. I like restaurants that surprise me. It’s a small place but definitely a place to go for tasty food. We’ll definitely be back again. There were some Crab Cakes that were screaming my name! (Oh and as we were leaving, they were on a wait.)

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One thought on “Market Street Grille – Harrison, OH

  1. Love your blog.We have visited Market Street Grille often-and it has always been good.The service is usually very good too!
    I didn’t know they had crinke fries-I LOVE crinkle fries 🙂

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