Keystone Bar and Grill – Covington, KY

I’m always a little skeptical of restaurants that are in Covington. Especially when there’s “bar” in the title. But, after scouring Keystone Bar and Grill’s menu, I had to go. They dedicate a WHOLE MENU to just Quesadillas and Macaroni and Cheeses!!! Hello, fab concept!

I tell my husband – we make a game plan. He’ll get a quesadilla. I’ll get a mac’n’cheese. We split them. Deal. Off we go.

After the fun parking spot hunt…we might have circled the block once because of the one-ways and being able to SEE the restaurant but not being able to get there…we arrived.

Like most restaurants in Covington, Keystone Bar and Grill is a renovated house. However, unlike my last Covington venture, this house looked complete, updated and more like a restaurant. No smoke, no huge bar scene and everyone was eating! (Good sign!) There were even kids. Granted, it was 6PM but I didn’t know what to expect.

We got one of the last tables and looked over the menu – husband informs me that he wants the BBQ’dilla (grilled bbq chicken, bacon, marinated onions and cheddar, served with ranch $9.99). Okay, you’re thinking, fine choice. Let me tell you something about my husband, he has NEVER met a BBQ chicken pizza/dilla that he doesn’t want to order! If there’s a BBQ chicken pizza, he’s ordering it. And, I groan.

I’m irritated with his quesadilla choice as I look over the mac’n’cheese menu. I look and look and look – and still, I’m annoyed with his choice, because I really wanted The Big Ugly’dilla. (cheese, cheese and more cheese, marinated onions, roasted red peppers, Keystone chips, tomatoes, bacon, mushrooms, chicken tenders and jalapenos, served with a sriracha-lime sour cream $14.99)

So, I go against our game plan. I decided to order The Big Ugly’dilla instead of a mac’n’cheese. The husband looks annoyed.

He’ll get over it.

We also looked at the apps and opted for the Crab Cakes.

We order – our service was very good! Prompt, attentive but not overbearing.

Quickly, our crab cakes came out…

They were good –  not awesome but good. I liked the sauce and I’m always down for avocado. My husband liked them a lot – because I only got like 4 bites!

Bring on the quesadillas!


My husband gave the fist pump (no, NOT Jersey gross Shore fist pump) – so, I’m supposing that he was enjoying them. I did sneak a bite and their BBQ sauce was out of this world!!! I totally would buy a bottle of that!

And my Big Ugly’dilla…

Totally filled to the hilt with a little bit of everything! I liked the crunch from the Keystone Chips. I liked the fresh jalapenos. Bacon’s always good. The sour cream was nice. I was a little disappointed in the cheese, cheese and more cheese aspect. It could have had some more of the more part.My husband disagreed. But, his opinion doesn’t count here so…hmph.

Keystone Bar and Grill had such a variety of things and I still want to go back for some Mac’n’Cheese! Maybe next time I’ll stick to our plan?

Yes, Keystone Bar – you totally surprised me. I’m happy to see a “bar” that doesn’t lose its food integrity!!!! We WILL be back for some cheesy, noodley goodness!

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