Sammy’s – Blue Ash

I’ve heard of Sammy’s Gourmet Burgers (menu) before – mostly because I work in Blue Ash and everyone tells me how yummy their burgers are. PLUS, they also own El Pueblo and the husband and I have had a great dining experience there. PLUS, I had a Yo-Deal gift certificate. PLUS, my husband tells me it’s delicious. EQUALS, we’re going. And, who can turn down the promise of a tasty burger?!?!

Saturday, we headed out. (We were banking on the world not ending before we ate dinner – I wanted to get a burger in before I was raptured) Blue Ash is a lot of business and not a lot of residence, so there wasn’t a huge crowd at 6:30. Enough tables, but not enough that we couldn’t sit down right away.

We sat and I noticed that they had a nice bar, to watch sports and have a beer. And, a great patio area, to just hang out. If I owned a restaurant, I would want a space like this one.

My husband’s been to Sammy’s a couple times and he keeps telling me that it’s like Red Robin. I keep telling him to shut up. I don’t want the comparison of Red Robin running through my head. He just keeps telling me to wait and see. Turd.

I look over the menu – and really liked the variety. A lot of fun and funky things – but, since they’re known for their burgers, I thought I should give one a whirl. So many choices!!!

Our service was…eh. Not bad, not good. But, the food came out fast. (I guess that’s, technically, the kitchen, however!)

Before I make my big burger reveal, we got an appetizer. We got the nachos – tortilla chips, queso, jalapeño bottle caps, salsa, sour cream and guacamole. There was also the option of chicken. But, I only wanted it if it was shredded, not cubed. We ask – the chicken is cubed, so we get it without. Yes, I’m aware that I have issues. I just don’t like big hunks of chicken – jeesh, cut me some slack! And, because someone to the right of me hates guacamole, we had to get it on the side.

Here are our nachos…

I loved the queso and jalapeno caps and I LOVED that the tortilla chips were fresh and crispy. But, they were kind of boring. They definitely needed something else. I can appreciate simple, but these were screaming for an additional kick. By the way, note the delicious guacamole, on the bottom left. Just sayin’.

My husband ordered the Sammy Burger

He’s had it before – and he likes the allure of the fried egg on top! I would have preferred a runny egg, but he was eating it and said it was awesome, as is! Basically, burger, sammy’s sauce (1000 island – THAT’S a funny story!), melted mozz, bacon, tomato, lettuce and fried egg.

I got the….wait for it….CHORIZO BURGER! I’ll give you 2 shots of this thing!

I also ordered my fries with garlic and Parmesan (which, I also get at that “other” burger place that my husband keeps saying) But, these fries were LOADED with the garlic and parm – can there ever be TOO much garlic and cheese? No, I don’t think so.

And, ready to insert big burger into mouth…

This is a burger, with the right amount of seasoning, big..but not TOO big. Soft, warm bun. Chorizo, crumbly, with just enough heat. Grilled onions, a few jalapenos, guacamole and Mexican melting cheese. <–TO…DIE…FOR. The cheese was oozy and melty – a combination of regular melted cheese and a queso. I don’t know that there ARE words to completely describe its yumminess. It was just perfect bite after perfect bite. Well, in my case, 5 perfect bites.

Yes, there IS a strong resemblance to the other burger place but based on that ONE burger, I’ll go to Sammy’s every time.

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2 thoughts on “Sammy’s – Blue Ash

  1. I have had Red Robin a few times and I must have had the wrong burgers because I don’t really care for it. However, the burger that Mike ordered seemed like it was real good.
    I have a question: Who finishes your food after your “five perfect bites?”

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