Chipotle versus Qdoba

I have an intense love for Chipotle – if I could eat it every day of my life, and not weigh 500 pounds, I would. As it is, I limit myself to once a week. And, it lasts me 3 meals! Yes, I’m aware that it’s not “authentic” Mexican food. And, you know what? I just don’t care. It’s delicious no matter what you call it! Even though it’s “fast food”, Chipotle still does a really good job of upholding the integrity of the food and ingredients.

EVERY time I go, I order the veggie bowl – rice, both black and pinto beans (I’m so NOT a vegetarian!), fresh tomato salsa, hot salsa, sour cream, cheese and guacamole. (Then, when I get home, I also douse it with Chalula) WHY no meat? I have found the meat, at Chipotle, to be “bouncy”. I know that this is an odd description but it doesn’t really have a tender quality to it. I speak mostly of the chicken. PLUS – if you order the veggie bowl, the guacamole is FREE! Quite frankly, I’ll give up the meat instead of spending $1.85 on a tiny side of guac! (I should ascertain here that I am a guacamole whore)

My friend wanted to meet at Qdoba, for lunch, one day. I was skeptical. And, I didn’t want to betray my beloved Chipotle. But, I also wanted to see if, maybe…just maybe, there could be something BETTER than Chipotle. Is that possible?!?!?!

Of course, I poured over Qdoba’s menu. I was intrigued that they had more than burritos/bowls. Although I appreciate simplicity, sometimes, a girl wants more than a burrito! Qdoba has burritos, “naked” burritos (aka: bowls), quesadillas, salads and NACHOS! (insert Hallelujah here!) However, because this IS a comparison, I got a bowl.

Above is MINE! I did want to compare meat – if I could find less bouncy chicken, that would be a plus! Qdoba has the lime cilantro rice also – 2 types of beans. Slightly different salsas. BUT – they have an addition of a beautiful thing – QUESO!!!! Yes, I could get melty, gooey cheese ALL over my burrito bowl! Yes, please!

The chicken WAS bouncy, too. Stalemate there. The rice needed more lime. As excited as I was about the queso, by the time all the other yums were added on, it got lost. Final verdict later.

Others got…



I definitely liked that they had specifically made salads – this is what my friend ordered!

NO ONE got nachos…:(

I think Qdoba was very good too – I definitely would go again. I DO want to go again for the Nachos. I LOVE that they have more choices. If someone said, “hey, let’s swing by Qdoba for lunch”, I wouldn’t complain!

But, if I think about what burrito I crave…I still go back to my Chipotle.

Yes, Chipotle – based on burritos/bowls…you WIN.

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2 thoughts on “Chipotle versus Qdoba

  1. Embarassed to say I had chipotle for lunch yesterday and qdoba today. Can’t believe I am going to say this, but… Qdoba was better, hands down. I used to be very pro-chipotle and didn’t even want to try qdoba for the longest time. But the past 3 times I’ve been to qdoba it’s been better! Also the kids meals at qdoba are much better- their quesadillas actually get cooked on a grill and are a good size. Chipotle’s are tiny and soggy.
    I can’t believe you made fun of my monochromatic burrito.

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