Firehouse Grill – Blue Ash

I noticed a few months ago, that I was passing a new restaurant, on the way to work – Firehouse Grill. During lunch hours, it was packed – so, we decided to give it a go!

We met our Destin vacation buddies, on a Saturday night and it was DEAD. However, if you know anything about Blue Ash – it’s all work/business, very little residential. Hey, it helped us walk right in and get a table, so all was good!

I had zero expectations walking in so this experience was new for everyone!

Tables were awkward – it was a big round table/booth…with 2 square tables in the middle. Okay, I’m no genius but I do understand that large square tables in a round space just doesn’t work. I moved to the middle of the booth…and impaled myself on a table corner.

After shoving tables around, we all got in and looked over the menu.

We started with the Buffalo Chicken Rolls (I asked about the Fried Pickles but they were spears so…those were a no go).

Okay – we might have bitten into them before I took the picture! But, you get the idea – they were very good! Chicken and cheesy, with just the right amount of buffalo sauce and heat. Bleu Cheese for dipping! Probably the best thing I had – can’t speak for everyone else. (well, I do most of the time but…)

Others ordered…

The Cowboy

The Back Draft…

The boys both said that the burgers were very good. Boy #1 (my husband) loved his side of Jalapeno Corn Pudding. And, he also begged me to take his guacamole. Boy #2 (our friend) said that his fries were horrible. Boring, sad fries.

My BFF got Salmon – big old plate…little ole salmon (16.95) She said it was good – but didn’t think the price was justified.

The description made it sound so much tastier than it was – it was good but DRY. It was screaming for a sauce. I took it upon myself to ask for a side of the key lime aioli. Which came out – in a teeny tiny cup…apparently, Firehouse Grill doesn’t appreciate sauces the way that I do.

I got the Wild Mushroom Risotto as a side…

I’m not a professional risotto maker – but mine is better than that! It was just straight up MUSH. I should have just taken some crappy fries and called it a day.

I like to try new restaurants. I WANT them to be successful. Firehouse Grill just didn’t do it for me. It was way too pricey for the quality (or lack thereof) of the food. I think we were all in agreement that we won’t be back.

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