Brothers – Newport on the Levee (KY)

Yes, I willingly admit that I am a horrible blogger! However, in my defense, with Thanksgiving and Christmas, the hubby and I haven’t been going out to eat (well, to any place new, at least) But, with January being a horribly boring month (thank God), I plan on blogging…even if it’s reviewing restaurants I’ve been to many times before!

Anyway – back to Brothers. I have no clue how long it’s been since we ate there – maybe a couple of months ago? I do know that, on that night, we were on the hunt down for PERFECT (and I mean, PERFECT) nachos! I wanted a plateful of nachos, that when I took a bite, I thought “damn, there’s nothing to change about these.” I looked through a crapton of websites and the nachos, described on the Brothers’ menu, seemed pretty tasty!

Important, to me, for nachos being delicious is 1.must included queso. (the hubby and I battle this one out all the time) 2. there must be guacamole (which, Brothers struck out on) and 3. I need jalapenos! Plus, I don’t like chicken (unless it’s shredded…not cubed or chunked) And, I prefer chili versus just beef.

So, off we go, for a kidless night out!

First off, love Newport on the Levee but…hated the atmosphere at Brothers. I get it – it’s more of the bar scene. BUT, it was not conducive to conversation. It was LOUD – mostly because it’s all wood and the noise was just bouncing. Plus, we had groups of drunkards, to the right and left of us, and apparently, they weren’t aware of their own personal speaking space! Ambiance was not impressive.

It took our server quite a while to get to our table – I should have figured we were in trouble at that point!

We knew we wanted nachos (of course – that’s what I’ve been rambling about!) so, we order them and here’s what we get…*I apologize for pics – they were taken with my husband’s cell!*


Eh – missing guacamole (and I believe I asked for it and I’m pretty sure they had it and gave it to me). I like the addition of queso but it needed to be kickier. <–and yes, I’ll make up words if I want to! My husband thought that they were good – peshaw! To me, not the perfect nachos. Still on the hunt!

Entrees – I got the Louisian Pork Sandwich (french style hoagie roll lined with creamy spinach and artichoke spread. sliced roast pork loin and topped with melted provolone cheese and spicy giardinara)

All of the components seemed right – but it was so damn dry! Between the artichoke spread AND giardinara, you’d think that it wouldn’t be. I had to ask for a side of mayo. I, also, got a side of queso for my fries – 1. the fries sucked (look at them!) and 2. the queso didn’t get any better…still bland.

My husband got the Triple Lindy Burger (topped with American cheese, grilled ham, fried egg, thick cut applewood smoked bacon served on a bun)


He loved it – he said it was one of the best burgers that he’s ever had. But, he agreed that the fries were awful. (did you look at them yet?!?!?!) So, I’m glad that the food we got at Brothers had ONE redeeming factor!

No dessert – we just wanted out. The service ended up being average – but that was the least of the problems.

So – my search for perfect nachos continues. I’m going to Buckhead Mountain Grill, with some friends, on Monday…so I’m sure that there will be an updated blog about their nachos (and they REALLY do look promising!)

I’m also creating my own perfect nachos, on NY day – look for a post about THAT! (who needs a restaurant when I can do it myself?!?!!)

AND – NYE, we’re going to the most amazing restaurant EVER. The husband and I went to Eddie Merlot’s for our anniversary dinner (October) and it was, hands down, the best meal that I’ve ever eaten. I didn’t take pics, however, so I never blogged out it. I AM this time!!!!!!!!!!!!

My point? I vow to be a better blogger!

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