Eddie Merlot’s (Montgomery Rd)

So, my husband (who, apparently eats out a lot more than I do!), told me how awesome Eddie Merlot’s was/is…and wanted to take me there for our anniversary. That was back in October. Because I was caught up and not thinking (that seems to happen a lot), I didn’t take pictures…and totally regretted it because it was, hands down, THE BEST meal of my life. –> Which is why we returned on NYE (with friends – yes, we have some…) I’ll be playing catch up here and kissing Eddie Merlot’s ass because yes, it was that good!

Eddie Merlot’s is known for steak – (and wine, of course). They use USDA Prime beef (and only 2% of ALL US beef is awarded that distinction). They also age it, naturally, for a minimum of 21 days. Now that the nerd info is out of the way…

Let me start with the ambiance – it’s just perfect. Both times, we sat on the “bar side”, which means that we were treated to the greatest seats ever. They are like sofa seats and it’s completely conducive to romance. The lights are dim, they have live music during certain hours, it’s upbeat yet eclectic all at the same time. Definitely trendy without feeling like you’re out of place.

Service (both times – we had the same server!) was amazing – she was knowledgeable, about both the food and wine,  definitely knew what she liked and her favorites AND she was always there, without ever being pushy.

I’ll kind of blend both experiences in – since, both were equally good and we tried different things, both times.

If there is ONE complaint that I had – it was about the appetizer. (and, it’s a very tiny complaint). We ordered the BBQ Shrimp (sorry, no pic)…bacon wrapped, horseradish, southern comfort BBQ sauce The shrimp were HUGE, the bbq sauce was perfect but the bacon could have been a little more crisp. (that would be my sole complaint of BOTH evenings!) The husband, disagreed, but he’s not as “picky” as me. However, nothing about it warranted a thumbs down!!!!

Yummy bread was immediately brought to the table…Nice and dense – with some fun seasoning on top!

Bring on the salads…the first time around, I got suckered into splitting a caesar salad. I love caesars, really, I do – but with some many other menu choices, I wanted something else –> which, I did get NYE!

The Caesar Salad...

It was a very good Caesar salad – nothing crazy, or out of the ordinary. Just good and basic.

My friend, got the Spinach Salad – I think she was lured in by the candied bacon. (Fresh spinach, eggs, red onion, candied bacon, strawberries, goat cheese, hot bacon dressing) She said it was awesome!

I got the Chopped Salad (Crisp lettuce, Gruyere cheese, red onion, celery, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, crispy prosciutto, seasoned almonds, creamy herb dressing) – it was a toss up between that and the Spinach. I, ultimately, was lured by the artichoke hearts and prosciutto!

It was delicious – and the dressing was perfect! I almost ate the whole thing – and that, says a lot about the salad! Plus, look how cute and funky the bowls are! (I should probably point out that my friend and I were in love with the mini wine decanters too – we *might* have been wishing that our purses were a smidgen bigger)

Let’s talk steak – simply put, I’m not a steak girl. I don’t love it. I don’t crave it. Quite frankly, I’m lazy and the thought of chewing and chewing does nothing for me. I’d rather have fish. When I shared a steak, with my dog, over the summer, my husband treated that like sacrilege. Yeah, I didn’t care.

But, Eddie Merlot’s steak – that is in it’s own category. It could never be confused for “just” steak.

Believe me, it took a lot out of me to NOT order the Sea Bass (my favorite) but I figured since I was at a place, known for steak, I should probably get steak!

Let’s start with the men…they both ordered the Bone-In Ribeye (think, Fred Flintstone steak!)


Our friend got the Brussels Sprouts – he said that they were very good. Personally, I don’t care how much bacon you add to them, I still think that they’re the worst vegetable ever created.

My husband’s steak is the one with the potatoes (Eddie’s potatoes – cheesy, with a slight kick from jalapenos)

My friend and I both got the same thing (and it was the same thing I got the night of our anniversary!). The Trio of Medallions (Three 4 oz. filets, peppercorn, oscar, bacon Gorgonzola cheese crust) Because of my inability to commit to a sauce choice, this was my best option. Filet with THREE, count them, THREE, delicious sauces!!!

Perfection – my knife SLID into the steak, cutting it, with just the slightest of pressure. The minute the steak hit my tongue, it melted. Minimal chewing because it was just so tender and perfect. The best steak I’ve ever had…in my whole life of eating!

The first sauce was a black peppercorn “gravy”. The second is a bacon, gorgonzola crust. And, the third, was Oscar Style (asparagus, crab meat and Bearnaise sauce). Even thought ALL were unbelievable, the Oscar Style is the one that I consumed ALL of. On a scale, from 1-10, this steak is 100. It doesn’t get better than this.

We’re full – we’re content, we’re happy. But, BRING ON THE DESSERT!!!!

This is the same dessert, we got both for our anniversary and for NYE – yes, it was that good that I didn’t even want to consider something else.

Both (couples) of us, got the Tableside Dessert for 2…Vanilla Cognac Brownie.

That picture, doesn’t even do it justice. All the “parts” come out, separately. The server builds it, tableside. The cognac is set on fire and is then poured onto the ice cream – slightly melting the ice cream. There is NO wrong component to this dessert. The brownie is super chocolaty without being so rich. The ice cream gives you that “milk” you need with chocolate. The vanilla sauce is creamy and smooth and balances the chocolate. The nuts provide the perfect crunch. And, the berries, lend a fresh sweetness. This is the ONLY dessert that I have ever matched my husband to, bite for bite. It’s THAT good.

Eddie Merlot’s has given me, the only perfect meal. It’s pricey, yes, but I’m also a firm believer, in that, you get what you pay for. I can’t, obviously, afford to eat there every weekend but, for special occasions or the sporadic date night, you can bet your booty I’ll go to Eddie Merlot’s again…and again.

Eddie Merlot’s you are perfection and I highly recommend it!

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