Buckhead Mountain Grill – Bellevue, KY

In my quest for perfect nachos, A LOT of people suggested Buckhead’s Nacho Mountain. Months went by…but a couple weeks ago, some friends and I went out, for an ornament exchange and met at Buckhead for dinner! Sooooo…guess who ordered nachos?!?!?!

Me, me, pick me!!! All I was thinking about was the Nacho Mountain. (Layers of fresh Tortilla Chips smothered in Con Queso, Monterey Jack and Cheddar Cheeses, Black Beans and Buffalo Chili topped with Lettuce, homemade Pico de Gallo, Jalapeños, Guacamole and Sour Cream) The MOST promising, by far!

I told my friends that, as good friends, they needed to eat nachos with me. Strangely, it was NOT hard convincing them?

I got there first – I’m perpetually early. I have a fear of being late. Ordered an iced tea and took my time, looking over the menu. (The nachos, were a given…I had to think main entrée)

After friends arrived and we chatted (um, that’s what women do!), I ordered nachos and here they are…

Yes, yes and yes! Well – that was my initial thought. All of the RIGHT components were there – there just weren’t enough of them. Everything was in the middle and the poor sides were neglected. If they would have just added MORE…they would have been damn near perfect. (the beans were sweet…I’m still not quite sure if I liked that, or not. My one friend, did, a lot) There was queso, which is always a plus in my book but again, not enough. The tortilla chips were SCREAMING for condiment friends!

So, I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that I’m going to have to do the perfect nachos myself. Which, will require lots of taste testers!

They did have some yummy bread, that comes to every table!

It was airy and yet, still flavorful. Of course, the addition of cinnamon butter is never a bad thing!

After much debating, I decided to order the Kentucky Hot Brown – it has sauce, what can I say?

And another…

It was…okay. I don’t really dig “hot” tomatoes. I liked the bacon – of course! (who doesn’t like bacon…well, anyone who has taste, anyway!) Turkey could have been better – can you say, roast your own turkey? And, the sauce was bland. That could very well be a KY Hot Brown thing – I’ve looked up lots of recipes for the Mornay Sauce and it’s all pretty much the same…bland. It needed a kick (note to self – add something kicky to sauce if I decide to make KY Hot Browns!). It was okay – sort of reminded me of Chipped Beef on toast…without the Chipped Beef. I took some home, to the husband, and he thought it was average too.

Everyone else really enjoyed their food – believe me, I asked. However, I was one of the few that had never been there before. Hell, I didn’t even know it was there!

Because of fabulous company, it was a good time and possibly, the husband and I will go back some time.

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2 thoughts on “Buckhead Mountain Grill – Bellevue, KY

  1. A good hot brown should not be bland–it should have plenty of flavor. I grew up eating them in Louisville–they were one of my grandmother’s specialties. The Brown Hotel created it, and it is a different experience there than the ones you typically get in NKY, who seem to think a hot brown is like chipped beef–like you described. The toast should be thick, (like Texas toast) the turkey should be real turkey, not deli meat, the tomatoes should be thick and crisp, with plenty of bacon, and the moray sauce should be creamy and cheesy. My grandmother’s version had plenty of black pepper too, to give it just a touch of extra flavor. Down In Louisville I often had it as a full sandwich with the moray sauce inside it, running out the sides a bit, while here they tend to treat it more as an open faced sandwich.

  2. We LOVE Buckhead! My favorite thing on their menu is their Burbon Butter Ribeye! It’s worth it just for that. Their steaks are always cooked just the way I like them and I don’t feel the need for steak sauce or ketchup, like I do with some other steak houses.

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