Oh, Larosa’s – Week 3 (plus fish fry news!!!)

Because it was such a nice night – the boy and I decided to go PICK UP the pizza. I didn’t quite have it in me to be out, in public, after my yearly (NOT FUN!) doctor visit. BUT – after getting disappointing delivery, the past couple of times, I wanted to pick it up. Plus, I needed to break in my brand spankin’ new Buddy Card!

Online ordering was working…again. However, since I got a 4 topper, it prompted me to get the 4 toppings that THEY picked out for me. Uh, no – so, it sucked having to delete all of those and pick the ones I did want…odd system.

I ordered a Large Traditional with bacon, green olives, onions and mushrooms. And, of course, a Large Traditional Plain Cheese for the boy. (BTW – we’re not total pigs…well, I’M not. The husband comes home, later, and eats some pizza, too)

It was ready, right when I got there. We grabbed our order (the boy promised me a kiss if the cheese pizza was on top…) and drove home.

Opened boxes (MY pizza was on top…which meant I had to give HIM a kiss – such a WIN WIN for me…), to this…

My pizza!

Look at it! It was, actually, great looking! I don’t know that I can go wrong with bacon, however.

Taste-wise? It was good – hot, good cheese and toppings amount. And, plenty of sauce – of course, I had a tub of garlic butter waiting in the background still. However, I enjoyed the Larosa’s tonight. *gasp* See? When it’s done right, it’s not so bad!

Plain Cheese Pizza…

Nice cheese distribution – and the boy loved it (of course, he always does!)

Okay – and since I have some sort of audience…I gave Qdoba another shot this afternoon, for lunch. Since they moved in, recently, right up the street, I gave it a whirl, again.

I got a  vegetarian burrito bowl (or, a “naked” burrito). Rice, both beans, fresh tomato salsa, hot salsa, sour cream, queso, cheese and guac. The only thing that differs, when I go to Chipotle, is that they don’t have queso.

Here’s the pic…

Notice something? CHEAP guacamole amount!!!!!!! So sad, that little dab of guacamole – it makes me frown. 😦

It does appear to be a promising burrito bowl – but, I just didn’t like it…again. It just tastes bland to me. Nothing has an outstanding taste and it just blends into a pile of mush.

1. Chipotle’s rice is 1000X better. It has a better texture – more lime and more cilantro.

2. The pico is boring – when I eat Chipotle’s, I actually get little bits of jalapeno and onion.

3. The salsa rojo was not HOT.

4. I already complained about the guac.

5. The queso just tastes like melted cheese – no seasoning or spice can be detected.

I just didn’t like it – the sign I didn’t? I threw most of it away! When I get Chipotle, I make like 4 meals of that and I savor every damn bite. Every time I took a bite of Qdoba…I was just “eh”. I was eating to be eating because I was hungry. Boo. What the hell fun is that?!?!?!

So – I no longer have to go to Qdoba, wondering if I was wrong about them. I wasn’t. I am DYING to try Hot Head Burrito though!

AND – you all will get a break from the Larosa’s bashing because it is….FISH FRY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m keeping close to home, this year, because I don’t want to drive in rush hour traffic on a Friday. 1. I’m lazy like that and 2. It makes no sense when I have hundreds of fish fries in my backyard!

This is what my schedule looks like and I’d LOVE for anyone and everyone to join me!!!!! Of course, that seems like too many weeks?(but, I double checked and it’s not)

February 24th – St. William Parish (Price Hill)

March 2nd – St. Catharine Church (Westwood)

March 9th – St. Boniface (Northside)

March 16th – All Saints (Kenwood – I got sucked in by the Fish Tacos!)

March 23 –

March 30 – Whitewater Crossing (Cleves – I went here last year and it was my fav!)

April 6 – Bridgetown Finer Meats (the BEST fish sandwich EVER overall!!!!)

And, jury’s still out on the 23rd – I have to research some more. I’m sorry if I’m not traveling to your neck of the woods! But, please, let me know if you’d like to go – and I’ll snap pics of your food and you can let me know what YOU think!!!!

Just to get you excited about fish and fish fries – a gratuitous fish sandwich shot…courtesy of Bridgetown Finer Meats! BTW – they are open for lunch…for anyone who wants to join me 4-6 times!!!! Just sayin’.

Oh, perfect fish how I missed you!

EXCITED YET?!?!??! I am!!!!

6 thoughts on “Oh, Larosa’s – Week 3 (plus fish fry news!!!)

  1. 1) the reason the auto-4 item pizza thing kicked in is because your combo is unheard of! Green olives has no business on a pizza – and I worked at a LaRosa’s for 5 years. ewwww. (lol)

    2) Ohh St. Williams – such a pretty church inside! It’s pre-civiil war and gorgeous.

    3) I’ll try to make at least 1 of those with you. !!

    40 Happy Blogoversary!! It’ll been a year when you start the Fish fries again!!

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