Tutorial!!! How to…properly make Cake Balls/Pops!!!

Okay, I realize that a lot of people make Cakeballs/pops (I’m just going to say balls because 1. it’s funny and 2. I’m lazy and don’t want to make a / every time!). I don’t profess to be perfect – in fact, my Cakeballs aren’t, typically, “cute” or attractive. I have ZERO decorating capabilities but you know what I do have? The ability to make them frickin’ delicious!

I, also, have quite a few people who ask me how to make them. They are NOT hard to make. They ARE, however, time consuming. You need to carve almost a whole day (waiting time, mostly) to the making of Cakeballs. I have read so many websites, that talk about making Cakeballs and I feel like they leave out some steps that would make life so much easier!

This time…I’m making Hostess Cakeballs (thank you, Pinterest!) I wanted to bring the Cakeballs to a different, cream stuffed, level! Also, I made a double batch (I was giving half away to my daughter’s friend and I was keeping a batch.) Usually, I can get about 35 Cakeballs per batch.

So – HERE WE GO!!!!

Grab a cake mix, icing tub, chocolate candy coating (you can just use kroger brand – it’s simple to melt). If you’re making Cakepops, you’ll need some Styrofoam and lollipop sticks.

Make a Cake…If you DO NOT know how to do this…give up because you are a moron. Click off of this page. 

Thank you Mr. Hines!

For the Hostess Cakeball recipe, I needed Devil’s food – you can use whatever combo you want. Chocolate Cake, chocolate icing and chocolate coating seem to be the big winner around these parts. But, you can do yellow cake, chocolate frosting and chocolate coating. Strawberry cake, cream cheese icing, chocolate coating. You can even use white chocolate coating. But, because I hate white chocolate, I’m not mentioning it again…

Bake the Cake…

It’s cake

Let the cake cool slightly – it should still be WARM for the next step which is…

Crumble the Cake!

Bye pretty cake!

Take a tub of icing…

Cream cheese icing

And, MIX it into the cake.

Icing meet Cake

Now – DESTROY the cake. Take out the mixer and turn that cake and icing into a hot mess!


Don’t be shy with that mixer – it should be a lovely cake mess by the time you’re finished!

IMPORTANT STEP HERE – and, the one websites ALWAYS forget to tell you!!! Cover the mixture and PUT IN FRIDGE!!!! 2 hours should suffice.

AFTER the Cakeballs have been in the fridge, THEN (and only then!!!) it’s time to ROLL!

I take a cookie scoop…


I use a cookie scoop because it keeps me from making huge balls – keeps me in check.

You want about 1 inch sized balls. A smidgen smaller than a golf ball.

Roll completely – until smooth!

Army of cakeballs!

Now – because I’m doing cream filled ones, I’m moving on to the next steps. If you aren’t, then skip down to the stick sticking and freezer putting section!

I made the cream filling (which, I still haven’t decided if I’m too thrilled with yet. I’m hoping it tastes better IN the cakeball!). And, stuck it in my horrible cupcake decorator. It’s a good concept but, the hole to fill it with icing is TINY and a horrible design!

Now, I gently pushed into each Cakeball and squeezed gently, until icing starting coming from hole.

Okay, come back in, if you’re making Cakepops. Take a lollipop stick and insert it gently into Cakeball. (I put mine in the icing hole so that it would be covered!)

IMPORTANT STEP #2!!!!!! This is for both CakeBALLS and CakePOPS!!!! Place the Cakeballs/pops into the freezer for 10-15 minutes! Seriously. Do it.

When you get close to the end of your freezer time, melt the chocolate coating melts.

When doing Cakeballs, I just roll with my fingers (the chocolate isn’t super hot). If I’m doing Cakepops, I use a tall, skinny cup like this…

If Cakeballs, place on wax paper!

If Cakepops, stick in styrofoam (covered in wax paper so you can reuse the styrofoam!).

Since I was doing Hostess Cakeballs, I have a last step. If this is your last stop – let your Cakeballs dry and enjoy!!!!

But, I’ll keep going. I had my daughter, who is much better at decorating then I am, doing the Hostess swirls.

So, the swirls didn’t work out for us. The icing hole was too large so this is what we ended up with…

Yes, we gave up on the swirls. She started drawing mustaches…

Nope, they’re not perfect. But, I’ll place money on the fact that they taste absolutely delicious!!!!

So, get out there and make CAKEBALLS people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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