J. Gumbo’s – White Oak

Okay, okay, I’ve eaten here before AND really liked it but that was before I was reviewing!

So, we saw a coupon in the Reach magazine and we thought we’d go back for some more J. Gumbo’s. Basically, it’s Cajun/Creole cooking – like you’d find in New Orleans. (well, I’m assuming since I don’t live there.)

We went on a double date, with my daughter and her new boy – soooo, it was a fun night out. Good food + grilling a new beau = fun. (for US, at least)

We went on a Saturday night and got right in – it’s small but still has a large bar and TVs (which is very important for my sports obsessed husband). The service has always been good and yet, it still has a “laid back” feel.

Because I’m on a nacho kick lately, we ordered NOLA Nachos – Tortilla chips smothered with Drunken Chicken, White Chili, cheddar cheese, jalapenos & sour cream.

Okay, they were average – and I’m not judging them by “normal” nachos standards because I realize that they aren’t Mexican! Good taste but just kind of “eh”.

There are different heat levels to all the entrees – which is kind of nice that they spell it out for you very clearly! I’m not a baby, BTW – I can handle my heat.

The husband got the pick 2 over rice entree – Voodoo Chicken (Tender chicken cooked with garlic & olive oil in a SPICY tomato sauce. Served over rice.) and the Chicken Red Hot (Shredded chicken in a tangy Creole buffalo sauce with red onion. Served over rice.)

My husband absolutely LOVED his – (and there really is rice hiding underneath there). The other really great thing is that this a fairly inexpensive meal – Most of the bowls are $6.50!

My daughter got the Bourbon Street Chicken (Tender chicken glazed with a slightly sweet butter hoisin sauce. Served over rice.) She needed something that DIDN’T have a kick to it (I raised a wimpy girl…jeesh) and this was it.


I stole a bite (well, from everyone minus her new BF…didn’t want to scare him too much) – it was good but no heat.

Her BF got a Po’boy…of some sort (I think the Chicken Red Hot) – kind of messy. Definitely NOT something you’d want to eat while trying to impress your GF’s parents!


He said he liked it – but, he had to say that!

I got the Drunken Chicken (Tender chicken, olive oil, garlic & stewed tomatoes cooked in beer and Cajun spices. Served over rice) 


Notice that it comes with a piece of super buttery bread? Yum. (My husband hijacked most of mine…)

I liked mine but I LOVED my husband’s Voodoo chicken more – even though it has more heat, the flavor is so much better. So, next time around, I’m ordering the Voodoo! (I have a lot of fun typing “voodoo” too)

I know we’ll be back – we like small, neighborhood restaurants (especially those that are kind to our, well HIS, wallets)

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