Smoq – Springdale

I’m kind of over the whole BBQ thing – I know, that’s blasphemous in some parts of the country. For me, it’s just to the point that EVERYONE does it and I just get sick of it. However, my husband mentioned Smoq to me and after checking out the menu…I thought that it looked like BBQ, but done in a funky, newer way.

And, since we’re on a spending diet, we bought a Living Social Deal for Smoq ($40 for $20)…so, it was cheaper than normal.

We met our BFF couple out there (I act like it’s a foreign country – it’s only 20 minutes away….of course, the hubby decided to take the scenic route that night, causing us to be 4 minutes late!) last Saturday night. 5:30 – you know, old people hour. They were on a 90 minute wait! Yes, you heard me correctly 90 minutes at 5:30. Because we were a party of 6? (We both had a child with us) Okay, 6 isn’t a “party”. 6 is normal. But, whatever. We waited…and waited…and waited. While we watched people walk in and walk out. They were quoting 2+ hours to people and no one was opting to stay. Not very smart.

Our name was called right on the 90 minute mark. Thank God the boys had their DS’s with them!

I really wanted an appetizer but I knew that I couldn’t do it – I can barely get through my meals BUT…the Fried Ribs and Spicy Peel’n’Eat Shrimp looked good!

Service was really good – he was attentive and the food came out SUPER quick!

I didn’t really want to do ribs – but the boys didn’t have a problem ordering them.

Oh – HALT! I forgot about the bread. EVERYONE loved the cornbread rolls.


My son, especially, loved them. Which is odd because the boy only eats like 7 foods. Don’t ask. It’s annoying.

Okay, back to the ribs…my husband ordered the Half and Half Rib Combo (which is a half rack of St. Louis Dry Rub Ribs and a half rack of Baby Back Ribs) Since, we both wanted to try some sides, we agreed on what we were going to order and this time, I didn’t vary from the plan! 🙂 So, there are the ribs with red beans and rice and baked beans.


He liked them both – but preferred the St. Louis ones (such a man…wanting the Fred Flintstone ribs!). The red beans and rice were REALLY tasty! The beans were good (mine are better).

Our other friend got just the half rack of Baby Back Ribs…


My BFF got the Fried Chicken…


Their son got pizza with fries…


I got the Fried Shrimp with, the other 2 approved sides, sweet potato brulee and mac’n’cheese.


The shrimp was really good – but, I don’t know if it was the shrimp or the really delicious dipping sauce that they came with. (Blueberry jalapeno bbq sauce) Seriously, I could have funneled it.

LOVED the sweet potato brulee – it was awesome. Crunchy topping – sweet but not overly so. The mac’n’cheese was dry.

We all decided that we will definitely be back (well, we have to, being as our friends have another Living Social gift certificate!). I’m totally going for Fried Ribs and Spicy Shrimp next time!

And, my son’s burger is missing – why? Well, my son is going to be doing his own segment on my blog called “Mikey’s Burger Blog“…more to come about that later…

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