Mikey’s Burger Blog!!!! Reviewing a burger from…Smoq!

My 10 yr-old son, Mikey, only eats about 8 different foods…maybe 10, on a good day. His idea of adventurous food eating, the other night, was trying a baked potato! He complained that there was too much butter (is that possible?) Unlike his mama, he likes NO SAUCE on anything. I swear, I don’t know how I gave birth to him!

But, he does my foodie heart good because he knows his burgers! His all-time favorite burger is 5 Guys – he eats a double and then a single. Just plain. Burger, cheese, bun. (again, I cringe) Seriously, the boy doesn’t even dip his fries in ketchup! He gave me the eye roll the other day because I told him that his BK fries didn’t have enough salt on them. Like, “Shut up and eat your own fries, lady.”

Okay, back to my point – he KNOWS burgers. We’ll be out to eat and he’ll say, “Oh, this is better than THAT place but not as good as THAT place.” So, I thought it would be fun to let him review his burgers…from a kid’s point of view.

His FIRST burgering blogging will be about Smoq – which I just reviewed yesterday.

Here’s a pic of the burger…



Smoq is a fantastic restaurant but on Saturday, it was a LONG wait. But, worth it. When we sat down, we ordered right away. I wanted to order a burger since it was a new restaurant and I wanted to know what their burgers tasted like.

The food got out QUICK. (no joke)

My burger, when I looked at it, seemed cheesy, greasy and large. The fries looked crispy and delicious. But, I took a bite of a fry first (some of the best fries ever).

Then, I took a big bite of the burger – it was greasy, the cheese was goopy and whenever I took a bite of it, the cheese made a string. It was one of the most awesome burgers I’ve had, in a while.


….Oh, wait, there’s more. Mikey wants you all to know that…5 Guys is next! (I think this is just a ploy to get his favorite burger!)

4 thoughts on “Mikey’s Burger Blog!!!! Reviewing a burger from…Smoq!

  1. Excellent burger review, Mikey. I am also anti-sauce so I appreciate the view of someone who doesn’t enjoy their food covered in mayonnaise, ranch or other scary sauces like mango salsa or flaming peach tomato paste.

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