Feeding Frenzy Fish Fry Series – Week 1 – St. William (Price Hill)

Since I’m lazy and don’t want to travel long (or even short!) distances, during Friday rush hour, I’m focusing my attention on the West Side Fish Fries. Let’s face it, I have 1 (or maybe 3) on EVERY corner so, might as well stay in my neck of the woods.

We all know that I stalked, I mean visited, Bridgetown Finer Meats today…that made me all warm and fuzzy for my upcoming Feeding Frenzy!

My first stop? St. William, in Price Hill. I’ve passed by it, many a time, but I’ve never been in.

My immediate contention was…there was zero direction for the people who wanted to eat IN. No “here’s the parking!”. No “here’s the entrance”. We just had to hope for the best and hope that the herd knew where they were going. My advice for Fish Fries is to assume that you are getting new visitors to your church! Please, tell me where to go –>well, you know what I mean! I need a sign, people!!!

We got there a smidgen earlier – maybe 5:15? I like getting there before it gets too crazy. I did see that they have a couple of news trucks there – so…I like that Fish Fries are getting good publicity!

I should have taken a pic of the menu but I didn’t want to seem like a total creeper! They had fried fish, baked fish (cod), baked tilapia, fried shrimp, grilled cheese, pizza – sides were hush puppies, cole slaw, fries, green beans, mac’n’cheese and a SOUP OF THE DAY! <–which, I can totally get in to! Love that! What was the soup of the day (or, I think it was ‘soup of the week’)? Broccoli Cheddar! Nice!

Prices were average – $7.50 for any of the choices (well, fish/shrimp choices) in platter form. (fries, cole slaw and hush puppies) Since I never met a hush puppy I didn’t like, I got the Shrimp Platter. My Dad got the fried fish sandwich (on rye) platter. My SM got the grilled fish sandwich (on rye) platter. And, the boy (who came WILLINGLY, I might add – I was going to leave his booty at home!) got a slice of cheese pizza (they had Larosa’s!) Oh, and he snagged a brownie at the end!

We paid (thanks, Dad!) and they gave us a cute table holder number…


So stinkin’ cute! Nice touch and love the “W”! The parents and the boy found us a seat and I went on the hunt down for soft drinks…Found ’em! Each bottle was $2 – making each meal total $9.50 (minus the pizza, which was $3). And, for those beer drinkers – yes, they had beer.

All the kid “workers” were very enthusiastic and VERY sweet – I had several kids say ‘hi’ to me, as I walked by and sat down! Good manners <–I enjoy that in children!

Two “servers” came around and delivered our food, with sauces, napkins and silverware. Nice touch, again!

Here’s my Dad’s Fish Sandwich Platter

He said the fish was good BUT…he would have liked regular rye BREAD better and he thought that the price deserved 2 pieces of fish. The size of the fish to bun ratio was a tad small.

My SM got the Baked Fish Sandwich Platter...

The fish portion was HUGE and she said it was delicious but she wished that the cheese could have melted a little more – she said it was weird-tasting just having a big slab of cheese on the baked fish.

The boy got cheese pizza…(keep in mind, he was getting a big old large from Larosa’s later…but he needed a “snack”.)

They gave us a bonus slice since the first one was kind of small. He liked it…of course.

I got the Fried Shrimp Platter...


I’ll give you another pic, too – I couldn’t decide between the 2!

The shrimp was good – cocktail sauce was average. Tartar was good. (insert thumb’s up here). We ALL loved that it was homemade cole slaw and it really was delicious! Crinkle Fries (contrary to what my husband thinks…) were, crinkle fries. Hush puppies were okay – I like mine to have some kick to them. In retrospect, however, I wish I would have just ordered the shrimp and the cup of broccoli cheddar. Oh well…live and learn.

Also, they had someone singing and playing guitar – while I love live music, it was a tad loud for the occasion. Lighting was AWESOME – they must have had a dimmer because it was definitely “dinner lighting”.

The food was good and it was a really great Fish Fry!

(Scale from 1 – 5 –> 5 being amazing!)

Menu Variety : 4 ****

Value : 4 ****

Food : 3 ***

Oh, wait – this is the bonus addition – cause I have some Larosa’s pizza pics for you!!!

I called the order in, on the way home from the Fish Fry – they quoted 15 minutes. Got to Larosa’s 15 minutes later. After circling the lot for a few, I hopped out – and had to wait 6 people deep to pick up my order. My pizza made it to us 15 minutes later…GRRRR. What I don’t do for love.

Here’s the cheese pizza…


I see the cheese skimpers are back…of course, the boy loved it.

Here’s the pepperoni pizza (I got it for my daughter and her friends)…


Again – I can always tell when Larosa’s kitchen is backed up!

I didn’t have to eat it tonight so…all is well. The boy and the girl were happy.

NEXT FISH FRY: St. Catharine (Westwood)

And, again – if you went to a fish fry tonight, send me pics!

3 thoughts on “Feeding Frenzy Fish Fry Series – Week 1 – St. William (Price Hill)

  1. After the 12 years I spent at ST. W’s fish fry, I am sad to see they have LaRosas. For 12 years of my life, it was my Mom’s pizza, with her signature sauce, and one fish sandwich and fries that were served. Yay for more variety, but it makes me so sad knowing my Mom isn’t there. *sniff sniff* Glad you covered my old stomping ground though. 🙂

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