My Fishy Kick-Off!!!!

So, you know that I had to start my Fish Fry Series off here, right? It’s where it all begins and ends for me…

I have no shame. I’ll eat fish every day if I have to. Seriously.

The day started off kind of crappy. I had to get blood drawn (that’s NOT the crappy part) but, I had to fast (also not the bad part) which included NO COFFEE!!!!! (that was the bad part!) *gasp* Mornings just aren’t as nice without my shot(s) of coffee. Or, maybe I’M just not as nice. But, whatever – after the blood was sucked, I ran home to my trusty Keurig!

My friend decided that she wanted to get in on the Bridgetown Finer Meats fish fry action – so, we made plans to meet there. BUT – also ran into 2 other friends!!!! Us silly westsiders – OR fish eaters…whatever.

Lots of peeps were waiting for fish when I got there – AND, the awesome BFM guys just loved it…wanted to sell MORE fish and sides. Gotta love that attitude!!! A business that wants to make people happy AND make money – novel concept!!!!

AND – ready for the absolute KICKER?!?!?!  They just created a new JALAPENO TARTAR SAUCE!!!!

Just when I thought that their fish sandwich couldn’t get ANY better, it totally does.

Quickly ordered and got our food – my friends and I went our separate ways, with our boxes full of fish fry goodness and…they had strict orders to text me with how they liked it!

Here it is – THE box. The box that contains the very fish that EVERY fish wants to be when it grows up…

What’s in the box?!?!?!

So excited to open it!!!!!!!!!

*Be prepared for an onslaught of delicious looking pictures*


On top!

Without lids…

Bun on top!



Did I mention that the Jalapeno Tartar sauce was frickin’ delicious?!?!?! Cause, it was!!!

To answer your question…No, I have no issues snapping so many pictures of fish and being a smidgen obsessed. It’s who I am and I’ve accepted that.

My 3 friends (including one that doesn’t love fish) LOVED THIS fish – one sent me a pic, the other texted me with fish in her mouth and the third posted his love on FB! See? I’m really NOT crazy – it’s just that amazing.

1. I know I’ll be back to BFM. (I know I’ll be there Good Friday – April 6th)

2. I’m thinking of doing a fish “side series” – tasting fast food fish sandwiches and seeing who REALLY does have the best.

3. I’m headed to St. William’s tonight (Price Hill/Covedale) for some more (hopefully) delicious fish. My daddy-o and stepmom are coming with me (I’m not sure if it’s for the fish or to see if I make it there alive…) Silly old folks.

AND – you’ll still get Larosa’s pics tonight, too – I’m picking it up for the boy after the fish fry!!!

Happy fish-eating and PLEASE let me know about your fish fry experiences – send me pics and feedback and I’ll post them!

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