Mac + Chee @ Tom + Chee

I have a severe love for Tom + Chee…just thought that I’d share the following with you!

Mac + Chee…


And, stick your face in a little closer…


I think I’m bound and determined to try ALL of the sandwiches – my ass might be even larger by the end of winter.

I love Tom + Chee – however…and I say this painfully, I wasn’t crazy about the Mac + Chee. Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t in ANY way, BAD! But, it needed something – maybe some peppers or jalapenos? It was just kind of “eh”.

And, sorry, Tom + Chee, the Potato Soup (soup of the day) was HORRIBLE. I think someone forgot to add ANY salt. We all (about 4 of us) took bites and looked at each other with “bleh” looks on our faces. It was thin and we ended up grabbing packets of salt. That recipe needs to be revamped! One thing I DO know and I AM good at, is SOUP.

However, not even this could destroy my love for you – you know I’ll be back!

Tom+Chee (Newport on the Levee) on Urbanspoon

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