FAST food FISH – Wendy’s

I decided to go ahead and start doing a fast food fish sandwich series – yes, I have that much spare time on my hands.

Lots of fast food places profess to have the best fish sandwich. I’ve heard from a ton of people as to what their favorite is (I hear a lot about Wendy’s and Arby’s!) BUT…I’m going to take one for the team. I suppose that I can sacrifice and eat fish sandwiches. Really…I can.

After church today, we went to Wendy’s (I might have suckered the hubby in with the allure of yummy fried fish!).

Wendy’s fish sandwich (It’s hard to resist our Premium Cod Fillet. That’s because we use only 100% cod straight from the North Pacific. Battered in light, crispy Panko breading and topped with tartar sauce and fresh lettuce — all on a buttered, toasted bun. It’s quite a catch, but only for a limited time. Hurry in to Wendy’s today!) is made with “premium” cod fillet? Hmmm…we’ll see about that.

Ordered and opened my sandwich to this…

Eh, not such a promising start. Definitely not like they advertise…

Okay, my bun definitely didn’t look like the advertised picture – a total different bun and NOT toasted.

I did add cheese to my fish – BUT again, doesn’t look like their picture AT ALL.


Minus the fact that it appears to be a different sandwich than what they’re promoting…it was still pretty tasty. (You didn’t think I would say that, did you?)

I liked the crispy panko coating – it was mild and flaky. The tartar sauce was good (I got an extra side, which I meant to take a pic of!) and the husband agreed. So much so that he ate the other half of my sandwich, in addition to his.

Lettuce was a little sad – I kind of feel like, if you’re going to add a topping to fish, you need to go big or go home. Add EVERYTHING (lettuce, tom and onions) or nothing. The piece of floppy lettuce is just insulting.

But – would I eat it again? Yep.

I’m not going to grade them – just give you my top 3 at the end!!!  Heck, I might even get another fish sandwich tomorrow, even though it’s supposed to be Chipotle day. We’ll see…

Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers on Urbanspoon

AND, since I”m trying to perfect 4 different types of cupcakes, for my husband’s 40th, here is experiment #2…Chocolate cupcakes, chocolate filling and chocolate buttercream icing. Enjoy the chocolate porn…

And, while these look perfect – I’m still not completely happy. The chocolate buttercream was awesome. Cake wasn’t as dense as I want it. And, I need to revamp the fudge filling…

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