Fast Food Fish – Arby’s

I totally forgot to see or find out how much the Wendy’s fish sandwich was – didn’t really affect me since the husband paid. 🙂 However, Arby’s has a 2 for $4 sale, going on right now, for their fish sandwiches. Hello, can’t beat that. Love leftovers!

I ordered it, as is, cause I wanted to see what a normal amount of tartar sauce would be.

Here it is…closed


My bun was broken, completely, in half. I did enjoy the fish shape – it looks like fish. And, not some scary triangle.



The tartar sauce amount there, looks like way more than it was – it was, literally, a tiny smear. So, I have no way to judge the tartar since it was non-existent!  I did like the shredded lettuce but again, the sandwich, as a whole, looks pretty sad.

Side shot!


The side picture looks better – makes the fish look huge!

It was pretty good – needed way more tartar sauce (thank God, I had some in the fridge!) Bun could have, obviously, been more sturdy. And, the lettuce was wilted and needed some crunch.

The fish was good – but, I like the crunch of Wendy’s better. All hail the almighty panko!

Right now, Wendy’s in the lead!

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3 thoughts on “Fast Food Fish – Arby’s

  1. Thanks for the tip on Wendy’s fish sandwich. I’ve always thought their was pretty good. Tonight, I tried the walleye fish sandwich at Culvers–great taste, but not very filling. Good thing there were a lot of fries in the basket, too.

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