Fish Fry Series Week 2 – St. Catharine and Larosa’s Week 6!

I missed, very much, going to a fish fry last week *sniff sniff* – BUT…we’re up and running again this week, baby!

I was supposed to have some fish eating partners but my Dad’s internet went out and his service time “window” expanded…by a lot. Let’s just say that if he’s in jail next week, we all know why…

So, I was solo – well, I had the boy with me but because he sucks at eating, I was going to just get my fish TO GO.

I have a special place in my heart for St. Catharine (Westwood) – they host Cincitalia (wrote a post about it!!!) every May. They KNOW Italian food and I was really hoping that they’d “know” fish, too!

Okay – you know my drill by now. I HATE being confused. I didn’t know where to go so I had to use the “follow the herd” mentality. Basically, I waited until someone made a move and then, followed them!

You know, I like that the kids get involved and volunteer – but when they’re running around and giggling, mowing people over…it’s probably best if they stay home and watch icarly. <–My PSA of the day.

I did get greeted by some cute *cough*evil*cough* Girl Scouts, trying to peddle their evil cookies. But, being as I’ve, now, consumed 2 boxes of thin mints (okay, not me – the BOYS in my house have though), 1 box of the new lemon cookies and 2 boxes of Do Si Dos, I smiled and politely refused. My ass can only take so much!

I glanced at the menu…


Due to the sun, I’m sorry the picture is horrible. I tried, I really did! They had Cod – in sandwich and platter form. Shrimp and Pizza. Sides were salad, fries, cole slaw and mac’n’cheese. They DID have 2 soups (nice!) – soy chili and soy chicken of some sort. Also, a loaded baked potato was new to the menu.

But, I decided to be a simple girl and I ordered a Cod Sandwich (rye) and a side of mac’n’cheese. Thought it was a little steep $6.25 but…whatever. I gave them my name, paid and waited for my order.

It came out, quickly, and the boy and I were off to pick up pizza…(surprised?)

Got home and opened up my fishy goodness…


I was pleased to see that they put some tartar sauce in the bag – however, I knew that I wouldn’t eat it. (It came from a giant pump)

I liked that they separated the lettuce, so that it would stay crisp, if I decided to use it on the sandwich!


Looks promising…


Okay – you see the nugget’o’fish on the bottom left? Yeah – that one. That one was gross – tough and chewy. The nugget on the top right? That was flaky and crispy and delicious! Kind of weird that I had 2 totally different fish experiences on the same sandwich. I ended up throwing the bottom left one away.

Macaroni and Cheese…


Yeah – I took one bite. Granted, mac’n’cheese has a VERY short life-span. You have to serve it immediately or else it turns into a mushy dried up mess. It didn’t have a single bit of cheese on it. 😦

All in all, an average meal. Just kind of pricey, being as I ended up eating one nugget of fish and throwing the macaroni and cheese away.

(Scale from 1 – 5 –> 5 being amazing!)

Menu Variety : 2 **

Value : 3***

Food : 3 ***

And, of course – here’s Larosa’s for you (Week 6!!!)…


Just in case you can’t see – because the toppings are almost non-existent (don’t be afraid to add toppings, that I’m paying for, Larosa’s!!!!) – I got the girl black olives, green olives, onion and mushrooms. Later on, I stole a bite – it was back to “eh” again.

The boy just got cheese, of course, and I DID take a picture but apparently, my camera’s possessed and the picture disappeared! Whatever!

His cheese pizza looked VERY dark – he didn’t mind though (does he ever?)

Quick word to Larosa’s (Bridgetown) – 1. You have the worst parking lot EVER and 2. You need to teach your employees to SMILE.

Okay – that’s it… Ravenous Princess Out!

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