Fast Food Fish – McDonald’s

Yes, I know what a Filet-o-Fish tastes like – but thought, to be fair, I’d have to swing by McD’s to give it an unbiased whirl.

Because my kids are obsessed with McDonald’s, you’d think I’d eat it all the time, right? Nope – I’ll go through drive-thru, for them, and eat something else. Nothing EVER sounds good on the menu (not even the fries since they switched to the “healthier” oil) and I’d rather eat MY food.

BUT – I’m always up for fish.

Okay – my McDonald’s got a double drive thru. I NEVER understand how those work – seriously? Don’t orders get screwed up all the time? It just worries me and I hate it.

Filet-o-fish sandwiches are 2 for $3.59 so…mega cheap!

Came home and there it was..


I do enjoy the colorful, fun box. The box is a nice change from the crappy paper liners!


I also like the smooooooth, shiny bun! I can see a teeny smidgen of fish under that bun, too…


Good tartar sauce amount and some cheese is hiding there, somewhere.

I can see why the filet-o-fish is popular, even among non-fish eaters. It’s very mild (it’s the rare “white” fish 🙂 ) and flaky. And, I have to respect that McD’s leaves it alone – there is NOTHING fancy about the filet-o-fish.

The tartar sauce was good – again, appealing to the masses. But, I think I’m putting this behind both Wendy’s and Arby’s. Crispiness is just lacking – it feels like a soggy piece of fish and I don’t like that. I need the initial CRUNCH.

Does a sandwich EVER look like it’s advertised picture?!?!?!

It’s an okay sandwich – am I opposed to eating it again? Nope. Is it my favorite? Nope.

Tomorrow night – running through St. Boniface’s (Northside) Fish Fry Drive Thru!

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