Smashburger! (Blue Ash)

Blue Ash, on the weekends, cracks me up. It’s a ghost town. Come Monday lunch, however, and it’ll be the busiest place EVER. But, it works, to my benefit, when we decide to visit Smashburger on a Saturday night!

We LOVE burgers – seriously. The whole damn family. There’s just something very basic, comforting and delicious about a burger that’s just perfect. And, I’m convinced, that it truly IS an art form when you reach that perfection. (Which, reminds me, Mikey will be reporting in…)

I took advantage of a Living Social Deal the other day and got some gift certificates for 1/2 price – score!

Of course, I checked the menu out ahead of time (and already figured out what I wanted) – the husband thinks I’m nuts. Eh, maybe.

We ordered at the counter – and then got a number, to take to the table. The happy employees (love that!) told us it would be about 5-7 minutes. I, immediately, searched for a ketchup pump – I was ecstatic when I got to the table and saw this…

Nice touch! Love that I don’t have to pump 15 tiny tubs of ketchup. Plus, napkins and salt – bonus. Not to mention, the booth seats were comfy and fluffy.

Mikey, waiting for his burger…

Oh, my boy, so thrilled at the thought of a juicy burger.

BTW – as we’re waiting for food…our total meal, for the 3 of us and with the gift card, was $17. I can totally handle that for a Saturday night dinner!

Food arrives – and, let me just say, it is very aesthetically pleasing. I love their baskets and I love that the deliverer had a smile on their face!

The husband got the Big Smash Buckeye Burger (Fried pepper rings, haystack onions, American cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo on an egg bun.) He also got a side of the basic French Fries (Shoe string cut russet potatoes seasoned with sea salt.)

He LOVED it – BETTER than 5 Guys. If you knew his feelings on 5 Guys, you’d know that this was a HUGE admission! Also – he raved about the fries. (and, I might have stolen 1…or 2.) They were very good – crispy on the outside. Right amount of salt. And, NO grease stains on the bottom of the basket! I mean, I don’t expect fries to be healthy but I’d like to think that the grease is shaken off a little bit, ya know?

He said that his burger was perfect…as is. No extra condiments were necessary. He really liked the bun, too.

I got the Smash Spicy Baja Burger (Pepper jack cheese, guacamole, lettuce, tomato, onion, spicy chipotle mayo and fresh jalapeños on a spicy chipotle bun.) Guess what lured me in?!?!?! *If you guessed guacamole, you can go straight to the head of the class!*

I, also, got a side of the Haystack Onions (served with a dipping sauce).

My food!

Really – the presentation is awesome. AND, the haystack onions already came with a dipping sauce (think, Larosa’s diablo sauce). Love the attention to detail.

And, more…

Yummy to my tummy! BTW – I have to take a ton of pictures of mine because I’m allowed ONE of the husband’s. He gets feisty and just wants to eat!

And, most importantly…

That just makes me so happy.

And, lastly…

What did I think? I think it was all frickin’ delicious! The toppings were perfect, the bun was perfect, the burger – LOVED the way it was cooked. I like burgers that are cooked on a flat-top grill. I like the sear that it gets. (husband agreed) The burger, to me, was a hybrid between 5 Guys and Red Robin. (hubby also agreed) It made me smile. 🙂

I, also, added no extra condiments, to my burger. It was good to go the second that it hit the table (and my mouth!) Plus, a nice line of juice (not grease!) was running from the back. What’s NOT to love about that?

My ONLY complaint is that the onion straws could have been more crisp. Again, they had fantastic seasoning on them – but, they needed some “bite”. But, it was a teeny complaint.

I loved the atmosphere – it was “fast” without the “get out and go” attitude. 2 people stopped and asked us how everything was. They brought us the box to the table and told us to just leave our “garbage”. Service, was impeccable.

We will definitely be back (well, despite the fact that we loved it…we still have 3 $10 gift cards to use!) And, the final verdict is…I still like the steamed cheese of 5 Guys but everything else (including burger TASTE) goes to Smashburger!

And – I didn’t include Mikey’s Burger because…he’s totally blogging about that, on his own! Love that boy.

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