Fish Fry Series – Week 3 Whitewater Crossing! (and Larosa’s Week 9)

Yes, I’ve only visited 3 Fish Fries (not counting Bridgetown Finer Meats – which, I’ve hit up twice). Life is getting in the way! I hate when that happens.

And, this week, my 3rd week, I went back to my favorite one from last year – Whitewater Crossing, in Cleves (Rt 128).

It’s what I know. It’s where I feel at home. And, they really DID have my favorite fish fry last year. So, I was hopeful (not to mention, I raced back from a mission trip in Lynch, KY, to make it – thank you, fast driving!) that it would be just as delicious this year.

I met my Dad and Step-Mom, along with their adorable neighbors – seriously, they are the cutest seniors ever. I want to pick them up, take them home and squish them…they’re so damn cute.

This year, again, you got 2 options…chicken or fish, white or rye. I, very much, enjoy simplicity.

However, there wasn’t a line this year? It didn’t seem as busy, to me.

I’m just going to apologize for the picture right now – it’s not the greatest. I was exhausted and having focusing issues.


I’m in love with marbled rye, I’ve decided. And, I’ve also decided that I’m a Haddock girl. As much as everyone raves about Cod…I prefer the Haddock.

This year – I got the perfect box again.($8) Delicious fish, on delicious bread. With crinkle fries and homemade cole slaw (I “heard” it was a recipe from Whiskey’s?). Sauces were flying (it was like a dream). There was not a single thing wrong with it.

Mikey ate about 8 peppermint patties before we left to get him Larosa’s. I’ll cut him some slack though because he missed me so much – even though I was only gone a day and a half.

The company was awesome. The food was awesome. It was perfect, again.

And, speaking of NOT being perfect…here are the Larosa’s pics…wait a minute! I forgot – Larosa’s quoted me 30 minutes…it took them 48 minutes, for CARRY OUT! It’s so ridiculous. And, yes, I know that I don’t have to go there – but, my love for Mikey outweighs my hatred of Larosa’s.


Not cute – and whomever cut it, did a horrible job! The corner pieces were about 1 inch across and the 2 pieces in the middle were ungodly HUGE!

Mikey, of course, loved it.


At least, this week, they put some toppings ON there! I had a piece, much later, that night – it was okay.

Next week – most Catholic churches don’t have Fish Fries on Good Friday. I’ll probably hit up Bridgetown Finer Meats…again. I’m a sad, little woman.

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