Fishy Fast Food Series – Chick-fil-A

I’m trying to get my last push of fish in here, since I’ve been slacking on the Fish Fry front! I was STARVING to death last night, after the Quarter Auction (that totally broke me of quarters, BTW), and decided to swing by Chick-fil-A, on the way home.

Okay – when it comes to customer service and just general friendliness, you can’t beat Chick-fil-A. They are amazing and genuinely CARE about their “guests”. They make you feel like they WANT you there! (Imagine!)

I ordered a fish sandwich, with tomatoes, lettuce and EXTRA tartar sauce. I think it was $3.09 for my sandwich? Someone, tell me to pay more attention to what I pay, please!

I had to wait a few minutes because it was FRESHLY made – I never mind waiting for that.

I drove away, went home and opened my fishy package.


Kind of sad-looking, yes.


The FISH part looks good – the bun sucks. Yes, the bun is NOT the major star of the fish sandwich show but…it IS the carrier and needs to be the fish’s co-star.


The FISH looks awesome – the tomatoes look good. Something’s missing…NO tartar sauce! (But, there ARE pickles underneath the fish?) I did have one, measly packet of tartar sauce in the bag – I suppose that counted as “extra”? I’m still confused about that one.


Oh, sad, sad wilted lettuce. Okay, why would they ever give this to me (or anyone else)?!?!? If your lettuce is that ugly, don’t serve it. Believe me, I’d prefer that it be left off.

The fish? It was REALLY good – I like the crispiness factor. The fish was mild and flaky. But, I’m still putting it behind Frisch’s because of the bun. That and the fact that I got no damn tartar sauce – can you tell I’m obsessed with it?

I’ll rank them when I’m finished. Don’t ask me when that will be.

Chick-fil-A on Urbanspoon

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