Happy Birthday to ME!

So, here’s the thing – after a certain age (say…25?), birthdays just aren’t “cute” anymore. They kind of lose their appeal. I DO NOT have a single thing against getting older (well, minus the fact that I creak when I get out of bed in the morning) BUT…birthdays are just birthdays.

Unless you have MY husband. 😉

Yes, I know. People don’t like it when wives gush about their husbands but dammit…I’ve earned it, so I’m gonna gush! He got me the sweetest card, a GC to Sephora (The Promised Land) and the best 2 things…

1. He got my wedding ring turned into (they no longer “dip”) white gold! I hate gold. When we got engaged, I told him that I hated gold. But, he wanted our rings to match and like a wimpy girl, I gave in. For sentimental reasons, I want THIS ring…and now, its white gold. See? GREAT husband! (and the ring is soooo shiny and sparkly now!)

2. He took me to my favorite restaurant ever WITH great friends! (But, I’ll get to that later!)

So, I’m now 37 and life is good. More than good. This isn’t a blog bemoaning old age…it’s about FOOD. More specifically, my birthday food!

Friday, I met some friends (with my kiddies) at Smashburger. We went to a different location (West Chester) and I still had a deal left for $10 off! Yah! After Mikey ordered a burger and Maddie and I split a burger, it was only like $9! Happy Birthday to me, indeed!

I let Maddie pick our burger (I knew I wasn’t going to get the guacamole one, since she was picking…). She picked the Big Smash BBQ, Bacon and Cheese (BBQ sauce, applewood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese and haystack onions on an egg bun.) My ONLY stipulation was that we get the Smashfries (Tossed with rosemary, olive oil and garlic.)



(That’s extra mayo and ranch, on the side) Maddie shares her mama’s love of all the sauces.

You know, I liked the burger at the Blue Ash location better but, it was still good. I like that they can cut it in half and separate it for you – nice touch! Also, the fries were, again, awesome! So crispy and delicious!

I’ll let Mikey fill you in on HIS burger (my slacker son!)

Smashburger’s customer service just can’t be beat. My friend was asked if she wanted a refill. When she said yes, the Smashburger worker then asked her what fill level she wanted on the ice!!! Seriously. I love it when companies go above and beyond and understand that you don’t have a business without your HAPPY customers!

I’ve ALSO decided, after eating at Five Guys last night (for Mikey’s birthday), that I like Smashburger better. Yep, I said it! Here’s my burger from Five Guys…(sorry for getting sidetracked!)


It USED to be…that when you opened up that magic foil wrapper, you would have a juicy, MELTED, GOOEY, CHEESY burger, just waiting to be eaten. Do you see melted cheese? Nope. It’s like Five Guys got so big that they don’t have time to wait for the cheese to steam! I was eating my burger last night, wishing it was a Smashburger burger! (BTW – I got bacon, onions, mayo and ketchup on it) My epiphany came after bite 2.

And, again, my slacker child needs to blog about Five Guys. Who knew an 11 yr. old could be so busy?

So, we leave Smashburger and on our way out…we stumbled (well, we did a U-turn) upon a Graeter’s. Oh, and it was a West Chester upscale Graeter’s. 😉

In case you didn’t know this about me – lime sodas are my favoritest ice cream treat EVER. I think I ate one about 3X a week, last summer. Me and all the old ladies on the west side are the only ones still consuming the sodas.

I ordered my kids’ ice cream and my lime soda – she rang me up and BAM! FREE ice cream soda for my birthday. I got goosebumps. It’s the little things that make me happy, people. It was tart and tasty…as usual. Speaking of, I had another one tonight (I told you, I’m an addict!) and I decided that Graeter’s is one reason why I could never leave Cincinnati. There is NOTHING like real Graeter’s ice cream. Forget creamy whip crap. I like the full on fatness of real ice cream!

Oh and sorry about no picture – I ate it too fast. I’m a pig.

You guys know about my Chipotle and Larosa’s Friday night birthday saga…so, I’ll skip that!

BACK TO FAB HUSBAND!!!!!! He wouldn’t tell me where we were going Saturday. I know what I was hoping for…but, I didn’t want to get all of my hopes and dreams up! However, once we pulled into downtown, I started clapping ecstatically. <–again, I’m simple.

We (along with 7 other friends!!!) had reservations at……………NADA! Okay, I’m not going to review it again because I already did here. I’ve been there, now, 3 times and I still absolutely love it as much as the first time. They just REALLY know how to do it right there – service, food, ambiance, small touches, everything. So, read my review if you haven’t heard me talk, incessantly, about Nada but…here’s some Nada porn for you…


Chips and Guac


Angus sliders


Chicken Taquitos


Everyone went hog-wild over the mac’n’cheese!




Chicken Tacos


Me, that’s what I ordered! They were, by far, the BEST fish tacos that I’ve ever had. The fish is lightly (LIGHTLY!) breaded, just to give it a smidgen of crunch. And, there are toppings but it’s not overloaded. Just simple and perfect.

THEN – She brought out the Birthday churros!


They were…AMAZING! Crisp on the outside but light and fluffy on the inside. With plenty of cinnamon sugar. I shared with our group and I think everyone decided that they could have eaten their own BASKET of these things!

9 of us ate that night at Nada. And, all 9 of us left, more than happy!

The birthday festivities ended (oh, I did get 2 margaritas…). Yes, I love food. It’s what I do. BUT, my husband, my kids, my family and my awesome friends – THAT’S what made my 37th birthday PRICELESS.

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