The Pub – Crestview Hills, KY

I was very confused going to The Pub – I thought I had already been there before. In my defense, Pubs are pretty much all the same. Beer, fish’n’chips, potato pancakes, etc.

There was about a 30 minutes wait, when we got there. Not bad. I spent my time being intrigued that the hostesses were allowed to wear their kilts (isn’t that Scottish?) so tiny. It wasn’t leaving a lot of room for imagination. The English Hooters?

We were sat at a cute little 2 top table – up on a platform. (The husband was disappointed that he didn’t get a “king’s” chair…oh boy) And, there were a couple odd ducks to the right of us. I couldn’t quite grasp what they had going on. I discounted them being gay. They were dressed business-y BUT weren’t discussing anything particularly important. Yet, they weren’t discussing anything fun either = not friends. It was perplexing.

After we ordered some drinks (no, just normal drinks – water and diet), I looked over the menu. Okay, brief side note…the server was very nice. I think she was flirting, with my husband, but…I’m a secure girl and can handle it. I think he’s hot, too. I don’t blame her. I, quickly, realized that we were NOT at the same Pub we’ve been to before. I was getting confused with Claddagh, in Mason. They had some really delicious fries, sorry, CHIPS, that were topped with cheesy goodness. When I couldn’t find them on THIS Pub’s menu, I realized that I wasn’t in Kansas anymore.

However, we found the Young’s BBQ Crisps (House-made crisps loaded with English Farmhouse Cheddar, bacon, scallions and Young’s Double Chocolate Stout BBQ sauce) and thought they’d be tasty!


I really wanted to like them. And, for once, the husband agreed with me! They were just kind of “eh”. The cheese was hard (and it needed more). The chips were bland. The BBQ sauce was good – just not enough. I wouldn’t order them again.

Since I was already going into the dinner, knowing that I wanted fish, I ordered the Fish’n’Chips (A Pub classic, served with house-made tartar sauce and lemon) and the man ordered the Welsh Dip Pub Pretzel (Sliced prime rib, green peppers, onions, melted mozzarella and provolone cheeses served with au jus).

We had a great debate about whether he should order that sandwich or not. We don’t really like sandwiches on pretzels – typically, they’re too chewy and just too much bread. But, our flirting server, convinced us that this pretzel would be soft!

So, here’s his sandwich…

It DID look good. The fries/chips looked sad.

Let’s just say, he devoured it in minutes – so, the pretzel must not have been so bad, after all!

Here’s mine – I was looking forward to it! I’m slightly obsessed with fish, obviously!

The fish was ungodly huge! It took over the whole plate!

Again – it looked really delicious. LOOKED, being the operative word. That whole fish log…is BREADING. Okay, if anyone English or Irish or Scottish (I’m still confused by the British flags with kilts thing), could chime in here, that would be fantastic! Is it supposed to be super sweet (almost hush puppy-ish – but, not in a good way), fluffy and mass breading? Is that how they really do it in England? If it is, then, I’m wrong.

However – I hated it. I ended up, digging the fish (maybe 4 inches out of a foot of “log”) out and eating it plain. I couldn’t even stomach the breading – it was horrible.

And the fries/chips? Soggy, gross – not salty. They were left behind – the sad soldiers.

Since we had a GC – we plowed on to dessert. I was full but the husband loves his chocolate.

We got the Warm Cookie Sundae (Freshly baked chocolate chunk cookies. Topped with vanilla bean ice cream and caramel sauce) <–Um, nothing at all wrong with that description!


It was very good – BUT (you knew there’d be one, right?) a little under cooked, in MY opinion. I know some people like the feel of raw cookie dough. I don’t. It could have been in for about 2 more minutes. So, pliable but together. But, since I only got 2 bites – it was fine.

I don’t know that we’ll be back. The service was really great. The food, not so much.

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3 thoughts on “The Pub – Crestview Hills, KY

  1. Hi! I just happened to come across your blog by sheer coincidence while looking for pizza on Google images. Anyways I know it was quite a while ago when you posted this to your blog but I just had to comment when I read through and noticed you asked if their were any English out there who could chime in and confirm if traditional English fish and chips should be like what you ate.

    Well, I live in Nottingham, England and we are well known for our passion of fish and chips here in the East Midlands. In fact where I live I would say that there is approximately 8 to 10 ‘Chippies’ (Fish and Chip shops) within a ½ mile radius! 😀

    Fish and Chips: the traditional English working class heritage and cheap meal of choice, although they can be quite expensive nowadays!

    Traditionally the fish and chips should be deep fried in Lard (pigs fat variety), they are then lifted out and left to drain for a minute or so. The fish and the chips should not be soggy, nor soggy with grease at all. The fish is primarily filleted Cod and the ‘batter’ (breading as you called it) should be thin, light and crispy – almost tender. The Cod should be fresh, fluffy, juicy and again tender. The chips should also be just lightly crispy, however they should be delicate enough to able to bend almost in half without snapping, like overcooked fries. Both should not really taste sweet but more savoury and if there is a slight sweetness it is from the Lard which is more of a very slight creaminess.

    The local chippies are mainly takeaways, upon ordering you inform the person serving you on whether you would like them ‘wrapped’ or ‘open’. ‘Wrapped’ is wrapped up in plain paper with a grease proof liner in order to take them home with you – years ago they used to use old News Papers but they don’t any more due to concerns on the print being an health issue, so to speak (it never harmed me!!). ‘Open’ they simply put them on a polystyrene tray with a few folded sheets of plain paper underneath so not to burn your hand and they also come with a little wooden fork normally stuck in the top of the fish or chips.

    They are, again traditional, served with a generous sprinkling of salt and vinegar! If you order them wrapped the server will ask if you want salt and vinegar and will apply accordingly awaiting your command to stop. If ordered open then they have salt and vinegar bottles on the counter so you can shake on the desired amount yourself.

    Last but not least, they are never served with a half lemon and Tartar sauce – that is always served with Plaice or Scampi at local Pubs. If anything they are, again traditionally, served with mushy peas. Some locals would say it’s sacrilege to not have mushy peas with fish and chips – fish, peas and chips would be served stacked with the chips going on the tray or paper first, followed by the mushy peas on top of the chips, the battered cod on top of the peas and finally a generous dashing of salt and vinegar!

    Here’s a few links to pics on what local fish and chips look like –

    This is a link to my local chippie and it’s menu (about 5 minutes walk away)

    I do hope this might of helped and give you more of an idea on how English fish and chips should be.

    Wishing you well,


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