CincItalia – 2012 Edition!

We had a big group that went this year. You know what that means? More food!

Seriously, it’s kind of sad how sickly excited I get, about the thought of lots of Italian food but alas, that’s who I am. I can’t even imagine what a spaz I’d be with a Mexican festival!

My Georgia sis was in town. So, both of my sisters, my parents, our BFF couple, my 2 BIL and 1 SIL. Plus, my husband…almost forgot about him and he paid for everything! What’s that – 11 people?

We did go on Adult Only night (which, some people, apparently, can’t follow directions…) and I’ll have to admit, and yes, I have kids and love my kids, that it was nice. Still crowded but less hectic, chaotic foot traffic.

Ready for the picture onslaught?

St. Catharine’s Booth…

No, not food – but, I love that sign!

Italian Cheese Coney...

The sausage is always amazing! Honestly, I wasn’t crazy about the coney (italian sausage, red sauce, mozz, on bun), as a whole – cheese needed to be more shredded and it needed…something. Definitely not as good as this…

The Italian Sausage with Onions and Peppers – seriously, it’s perfect!

Fried Ravioli…

They looked awesome! They were good – mostly due to the sauce. I did not say the following. I repeat, I did NOT say the following. My husband did. And, I quote, “Not as good as yours.” Just so that you guys don’t think I have a giant ego…he did say it with NO prompting! 🙂 The breading DID need a kick.

San Lucia Pasta…

A creamy white sauce, with tomatoes and chicken – over pasta. I have to hand it to all the booths. It’s really hard to keep pasta from getting mushy, over a period of time. They all did a really good job with holding the integrity of the pasta!

I liked the sauce taste but texturely, the chicken was chewy? Something was chewy.

Spicy Sauce with Forte sauce, over pasta…

The above was so damn tasty! The sausage was spicy. The pasta was perfectly cooked. The spicy red sauce = awesome! It was so flavorful and definitely one of my favorites!

From the awesomely gifted, baking Italian ladies (La Societa Fuscaldese Femminile)…Cannoli!

I didn’t take a bite – my sis chose to get this while we were still in the savory portion of the evening. However, everyone raved!!! How pretty is that, though?

What we got for dessert, later…Fried Oreos!


Okay, totally NOT Italian but who cares?!?! When you’re frying an oreo and dousing it with powdered sugar, you’re totally not caring that you’re at an Italian festival! If you’ve never had a fried oreo, get one! They are one of the few snack foods that fry, extremely, well! My BFF wanted to take hers and eat them alone. I almost didn’t get any of ours. And, our other BFF needed a glass of milk. 😉 Obviously, a hit.

Oh, I also got a margarita and it didn’t even hit me, until today, that it so wasn’t Italian. Maybe they should have limoncellos next year? But, I still really enjoyed my margarita! <– I always do.

From Order Sons of Italy in America booth...

Meatball Sliders (great addition!!)

The meatball was so delicious! It was moist and had fantastic flavor. Loved the size of the portion – only complaint? Needed some cheese!

From Five Boroughs Pizza…


Ham (which I’m not a fan of), green peppers, dough, cheese – sauce on the side. We had this last year – so, I just took a teeny bit.

Garlic knots (had them last year)

From Tambellini (a new addition to the festival!)

My BIL/SIL got the following…Chicken Parmesan Pasta

Stuffed Shells

They both said, while good, it needed more cheese!

Later on, we visited the Tambellini (event catering) Booth, too. It had the LONGEST line of any booth there. They were constantly busy!

Chicken Parmesan Hoagie

My husband is a Chix Parmesan addict – if it’s on the menu, he’s ordering it! He loved it. I thought it was okay – the chicken needed some more flavor. Good cheese quantity though.

My sis got the Greek Gyro. She asked for permission first, since it was a non-Italian item. 🙂

I DID steal a bite and it WAS very good. I’m a big fan of the lamb!

PICTURE UPDATE!!!! My friend went to CincItalia and tried some items that I didn’t – she LOVED the bruschetta…

And the cinnamon knots (Five Boroughs)…

The food was all very good – I liked the new additions to the festival. I think the only booths that we didn’t visit were Gabby’s Cafe (we got the eggplant there, last year) and Larosa’s (I threatened to take out knee caps of anyone who dared to order Larosa’s there – and they always had ZERO people in line. Just sayin’.) Oh and we didn’t go to the Gelato stand. I love gelato and it looked really good…but, we always cave to the fried oreos!

I think portion sizes were definitely improved this year – liked the smaller sizes! I tried a lot of things and didn’t leave feeling 1. too full or 2. like I missed out on something that I wanted!

As always, St. Catharine did a really great job!!! And, we’ll be back next year! BTW – it’s still going on tonight and tomorrow – get your asses to Italian food!

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