No Larosa’s…but Pizza Hut!

It’s sad. Sad that I spend my Friday nights, in Larosa’s agony, that I get so sickly excited at the thought of different pizza. Even if it is Pizza Hut.

In case you don’t know this. Mikey loves Larosa’s. He loves Pizza Hut (Pan Cheese Pizza ONLY), even more. We, usually, go one day a week, to Pizza Hut lunch buffet, over the summer. They even know to put another cheese pizza, on the buffet, when he walks through the door. That’s how big of a pig he is.

There’s no buffet, during the evening, at least not at the Harrison Pizza Hut (there is on Fri and Sat nights, at the Colerain location!). So, we had to order a LARGE Pan Cheese Pizza.

Okay – I worked at Pizza Hut, in high school. It was one of my funnest jobs – seriously. But, I ate so much of it, that I got sick of it. It’s, obviously, been a few *cough*20*cough* years since I worked there. Over the years, I think of it as average.

However, after 14 (I think) weeks of Larosa’s, this pizza looked and tasted fantastic.


I gave Mikey a slice before I remembered to take the picture. Look at how beautiful it is!



Here’s my slice – see the cheese?!?!? (you probably don’t recognize it because it’s what’s missing in my Larosa’s pics all the time)


SO much cheese that it’s, literally, oozing on to the pan!!!

The kicker – $12!

Yes, sad times when I’m so thoroughly thrilled with Pizza Hut.

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