God love my girl – Dewey’s (Newport on the Levee)

Mikey, my Larosa’s fanatic, was in Myrtle Beach, all week. While I struggled to maintain my sanity, I WAS thrilled that I got to miss all sorts of Larosa’s eating!

I might have demanded that the teen girl, hang out with her old mom, Saturday night so…we got some Dewey’s pizza! Whereas, my son is uber picky, the girl will eating ANYTHING (minus meatloaf!).

We were seated within 10 minutes –> which is pretty darn good for a Saturday night! I was willing to get what she wanted, even if it included sausage (I’m so picky about the type of sausage on pizza – I like the crumbly kind!). I was just happy to be with my girl!

However, she surprised me by picking out the one she knew that I’d want – The Green Lantern. (it has goat cheese on it, surprise, surprise!) Red Sauce, Light Mozzarella Cheese, Minced Garlic,Mushrooms, Goat Cheese, Artichokes, Pesto

We got a small because we’re lazy and didn’t want to carry around a box, while shopping later!

Also, we ordered a small Peppercorn Ranch Salad – Romaine Lettuce with Diced Tomatoes, Shaved Parmesan, Red Onions and Bacon tossed in Peppercorn Ranch Dressing  The salad was good – NOT nearly enough dressing. I understand not soaking the salad but we had no clue that dressing was even there. So, we asked for another side.

Service was fantastic – we never had to ask for a refill. AND, our server asked if we wanted separate checks. Which, either, implies that she thought Maddie looked OLD or I looked YOUNG. (I’m totally going with the I look YOUNG.) But, she didn’t think we were mother/daughter!  Plus, 2 smokin’ ladies, on a Saturday night, with a service staff of men = we’re getting good service. 😉

Okay – here’s the pizza! (I didn’t take a pic of the salad…wasn’t sure if I was reviewing or not!)


Not the best picture in the world – I took it with my cell! But, you get the point! Look at that crust – it was flaky and buttery. Soft yet the crust was crunchy on the outside. Heaven. The girl wasn’t so crazy about ALL the goat cheese – she thought it was a little overwhelming but she loved everything else.

Yes, I’ve had Dewey’s before – I always love it. And, I always love date night with my teen girl! (we had a fabulous time of shopping and just hanging out…)

Dewey's Pizza on Urbanspoon

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