Marco’s! Polo!

You knew that was coming, right?

It’s about 5000 degrees. There was no way, in hell (*snort*), that I was GOING to pizza tonight. I made it sound like an adventure, to the boy, to order new pizza, this week. I don’t EVER get to be “adventurous” with carry-out pizza! I flip-flopped between Domino’s and Marco’s and Marco’s won (according to the boy!) It’s probably sad that Marco’s is considered adventurous, huh?

They had a deal with 2 medium 1-topping pizzas, 1 cheesy bread and a 2-liter for 19.99 – we were in!

Mikey got a Classic Crust with extra cheese – yes, he loves to go outside his comfort zone. *insert rolling eyes here*

Hmmm – I thought 2 angles would help but…it’s pretty much ugly no matter how I take the picture! NOT extra cheesy. The dough was fluffy, however.

Mikey SAID that he liked it – but, he only ate 2 pieces. I think he lies so that I don’t beat him for being a boring eating partner.

After taking a look at the “Cheesy” Bread…

…I had little desire to try it. It was some dry old bread! Mikey ate one strip but didn’t go back for seconds. ALSO – I asked for garlic butter, instead of ranch, and didn’t get it. And, I paid for another side of garlic butter, which I didn’t get either. Guess they don’t like garlic butter. AND I’m out .59.

Here’s my pizza – thin crust with pepperoni…

AND…even closer!!!!

It was REALLY damn good. I know they sucked at the first 2 items but they really got their thin crust right! It was saucy and cheesy – everything a pizza should be! I had a difficult time controlling myself!

Now, I’m in a pizza coma. The boy is watching wrestling. All is well in the world.

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One thought on “Marco’s! Polo!

  1. You know we get marco’s a lot since we’re so close- I don’t love it; it’s just okay. Well I tried their thin crust… SO much better!! AND– we’ve been screwed out of garlic butter that we’ve paid extra for more than once. 😦

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