The Painted Fish – Northside

You know, I’m not a fan of the sushi. I know, that’s very NOT trendy of me but…I just don’t get its appeal. Asian cuisine is not my favorite – I’ll eat it, but it would never by my first choice. I lump people into 2 categories – Asian food lovers and Mexican food lovers. I’m a lover of the Mexican.

Back to my sushi tirade. I don’t get it. You have people, who barely eat interesting food, on a regular basis, running out and getting sushi. (I saw some big, hunky guy @ Kroger’s Sushi kiosk, yesterday and wanted to punch him in the face to MAN up!) Just because it’s trendy, doesn’t mean you have to eat it! Pick your own trends! Don’t be a sheep. Or a lemming. Just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t make it a valid reason to hop onto the gross sushi train! I’m such a west side girl. If you’re a man, you eat steak and potatoes. NOT raw fish, wrapped in a seaweed skin. Tirade Over.

So – why did The Painted Fish lure me in? There were other items, on their menu, that caught my attention. Granted, not a ton…they DO specialize in sushi. But, between the couple of things that looked good and the fact that we had a GC, we decided to try something new. And, God love my husband, for being a food trooper! (and, no, he doesn’t like sushi either – I’d hate to have to divorce him)

I don’t know that I’d go to The Painted Fish, after dark – it’s not a very good area. But, for our dinner time, it was fine. Wasn’t very crowded. A few people at the bar. Maybe 3 tables sitting? Inside was old and eclectic.

Because it wasn’t very busy, we got sat right away and got great service, all dinner!

The husband and I kept the sushi menu, laying on the table, and ordered an appetizer of…

Gyoza (vegetable or pork)-  Your choice of fried or steamed stuffed dumplings, served with a homemade tangy sauce. We got ours fried.

Yeah, we might have attacked it before I remembered to take a picture. But, you get the idea. They were REALLY good and the sauce was really TASTY. Kind of like a mix between a duck sauce and chili sauce. I wanted to drink it.

The husband wanted to order 2 things so, being the good sport I am, I ordered what he wanted, too, so that we could split.

Hotstone Bibimbop- Mixed veggies on top of a bed of crispy rice, served in a sizzling stone bowl.  Your choice of tofu, chicken, or beef.  Non-spicy sauce available upon request.  

Let’s face it – Bibimbop is fun to say!

The presentation was fairly impressive. And, I wanted to like it. But, it was horrible. Probably a pound of shaved carrots and shaved broccoli. We got steak and there was, maybe 4 pieces underneath that egg. The sauce was puke inducing (I called it the “hot as shit sauce”) – just thick and no flavor. I took about 2 bites and passed it over to the hubby. He, too, thought it was disgusting.

However, his was AWESOME.

Sweet & Sour Wasabi Crusted ChickenA unique twist on the classic Japanese katsu dish, this crispy fried chicken breast is topped with a perfect duality of sauces. Both are homemade; sweet & sour and wasabi mayo.

Well, the sauce was awesome. The chicken was nice and crispy. The wasabi mayo and sweet’n’sour combo was crave worthy. The vegetable sucked and were boring, but the chicken made up for it.

Since we had a GC, we decided to go for dessert. We got Creme Brulee.

I’m never a fan of the custard texture BUT…the allure of the crunchy sugar topping, can always suck me in. It was fine. Probably wouldn’t order it again. Should have gone for some fried ice cream!

There were high points and low points – but, we both said that we’d be willing to come back and try it again!

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