A day with my kiddies…

Summer’s here and so is my working mother’s guilt. Granted, I don’t have a full-time job AND my kids aren’t little anymore…but, I still don’t have the luxury of spending hours at the pool, with zero worries. Of course, it probably bothers ME, more than them, that I’m at work. I think they’re perfectly content sleeping in super late and wasting half of the day away.

However – I decided to devote ALL last Friday, to my kids. One of the bonuses of being a golf widow, is that I reap in occasional benefits – like free Aquarium tickets.

The last time I went to the Aquarium was 8 years ago. I was traumatized. Mikey was 3 and he was an asshole. He threw a tantrum and cried the whole time. I’ve avoided the Aquarium, like the plague, ever since. I told him that this time (age 11), that if he threw himself on the ground, I was stepping on his face and moving on without him.

It does warm my heart, that my 15 yr old and 11 yr old really looked forward to our outing!

We went – we saw. There were NO tears and I’m happy to report that the trip, this time, was HIGHLY enjoyable!

And, the bonus? We got to pet sharks!

Since we were on the Levee – guess where we got to eat? Yep, Tom + Chee!

The girl got a BBQ Bacon something..

The boy got an American with potato chips (my picky eater was talked into it, by the order taker dude).

And, I got the Italian…

I really liked it – probably because I’m a huge fan of the salt and vinegar chips. However, it wasn’t better than the Armagoetta!

We went to Barnes and Noble…spent way too much money. And, then went home.

The girl, I guess had enough of family love because she decided to abandon us and pizza night. 🙂

Because Mikey has been so awesome about letting me try new pizza places, I threw him a bone and took him to Pizza Hut.

Really – you just can’t mess with Pizza Hut’s pan. I’m, normally, a thin crust girl but if I have to get pan, it’s going to be Pizza Hut!

Here’s my slice…

Oozing cheese – check!!!

It was good. Mikey was happy. I spent all day with my favorite little people. Life is good.

5 thoughts on “A day with my kiddies…

  1. My first job was at Pizza Hut. My personal pan specialty (that I recieved free while on my break) was an extra cheese with ham and jalapeño slices on top of the cheese! Yumm!

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