BJ’s – Springdale (and, of course, Larosa’s for the boy)

It was our bestie’s birthday, so we had a couples’ night out! (Yah for kiddies being at home!) However, my son was pissed because he had to do without me. However, I still got him pizza…Larosa’s. Since I wasn’t eating it.

Cheese Pizza

Don’t get all excited, people. Thanks to some friends, suggesting a fabulous photo editing website to me…even Larosa’s now looks good.

Other Pizza

So, while the kids and teens chomped away on mediocre pizza, we headed to BJ’s Brewhouse, in Tri-County/Springdale. (fighting the gusty winds, torrential rain and traffic)

Spinning doors always make me laugh at restaurants. Most of the time, there’s a wait, at the hostess stand – meaning, you get emptied out to a crowd and you get repeatedly whipped in the back, with the door. But, it makes for good jokes and good times.

We put our name in and only had to wait about 10 minutes. Since we were with our besties, the time flew by.

I think we all starved ourselves today, preparing for a big dinner. We got the Pale Ale Nachos for an appetizer.

They were really good! Missing guac and sour cream…and queso. But, good, nonetheless. Loved the chili!

My bestie got pasta, of course…Cajun Pasta with Shrimp

She loved it!

I snapped a picture of my husband’s food – bbq chicken pizza but, it was blurry. Sorry! He has a very short attention span, for letting me take pics. I have one shot…and I blew it.

His bestie, the birthday boy, got the Buffalo Chicken Pizza.

He ALMOST finished his whole small. After taking down some pasta too, that must have meant that he really liked the pizza!

And, me? I got my go to dinner. Fish Tacos. Mahi lightly fried.

They were pretty good. I’ve had better. Fish was a smidgen tough and they needed a kick. Yes, they had some guacamole sauce, on the side, but…they still could have used some more fish taco love.

After gorging ourselves on a crapton (yes, that’s part of the metric system) of food, we skipped dessert. (Well, the birthday boy got a pizookie!) Why? I mean, being stuffed never stopped us before. It was because I made…

CUPCAKES! Who doesn’t love cupcakes?!?!?!

Yes, my ego knows that they look really tasty. And, they WERE really tasty.

Be jealous. Be very jealous.

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