Mom and Pop Diners Westside Series…Sunnyside Grill – Cleves

As the husband and I were driving through Cheviot, yesterday, I had a brilliant (well, brilliant for ME) idea. There are so many diners/locally owned restaurants, on the west side. Little places, that will, I’m sure, serve the typical west side fare – greek chili, double deckers, burgers and some sort of gyro/greek inspired salad or sandwich! Not to mention, greasy spoon breakfasts. (all day long!!!)

But, places that are important to, not only the people who own them, but to their customers who are regulars. I’m excited to see if these places are pouring their hearts and souls (as well as their culinary talents) into these diners and to see what kind of food and experiences, I’ll have!

Let me go into this saying…I WANT to like these places. So, I’m going to be horribly disappointed (and, maybe a smidgen guilty) if I have to write, a less than stellar, review. But, I go back to – if you’re serving food, for money, and you call yourself a restaurant, you need to be serving quality and serving it up with a smile and good attitude!

Even though I’ve been to a couple, that I’ll be reviewing, I’m starting from scratch. Like it’s my first experience. Let’s face it…one bad trip can ruin us from a restaurant, forever.

Our first stop? (for lunch!) Sunnyside Grill (Wesselman Rd – love to give you a website but with the small diners, chances are, you’re not going to get one!)

I have been here before – after church a couple of times. I’ll have to say (and, I know I said I wouldn’t pull from past experiences but…) that service is ALWAYS pokey. Takes forever for them to take your order. Maybe that’s what happens when you’re a family business and you hire family? 😉

On their menu – a ton of breakfast items, wraps, soups, sandwiches, a whole separate burger menu, fries, coneys/3ways, etc. West side diner fare!

I’m not one of those people who LOVE breakfast, so I always (well, mostly) go for lunch. The husband debated eating a Greek Omelette but, ultimately, got lunch, too.

He got the Chicken BLT Wrap with a side of fries

Let me just say, that man is obsessed with crinkle fries. I don’t get their appeal – but, he is not picky when it comes to them. He deemed them perfect. I thought that they were “eh”.

He loved the wrap – it  was hearty and maybe $7? We went to Red Robin, a couple of weeks ago, and he spent about $11 on a wrap that was teeny and maybe, 2 bites. He took half of this bad boy home!

I got a Turkey Club Double Decker...

And, another shot (see, I have patience for more than one shot!)

Holy lots of turkey!!! I’ll have to admit, I yanked some off of the sandwich and put it in a box. For me, just too much. My ONLY complaint about the double decker is that it didn’t have nearly enough mayo. I’m a mayo whore – I get it. So, I had to ask for another side = easy fix. I should have told them to hold the chips, too – I don’t think I ate a single one!

My double decker was $6-ish? So, for about $20, we got home-cooked, hearty meals. AND, got a full meal to take home (with half of his wrap and 3/4 of my sandwich!).

That’s a big reason why I love these small diner types, quality food for quality prices. Can’t beat it.

So, I give a thumb’s up to Sunnyside Grill – they just need to work on getting to the tables a little bit faster!

If you have places, that you know of, on the WEST SIDE, please let me know. I have quite a few, in mind, but I’m sure that I’m missing some off the beaten path!

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