Pizza Hut – I thought I could escape!

Oh, naive me. I thought I could escape pizza today. Mikey was going to his grandma’s tonight and the rest of us were hitting up Goettafest (another post on that, later!). Going on vacation the next 2 Fridays. I was REALLY excited that I’d miss pizza for THREE weeks.

Here’s my mistake. I let the kids decide where they wanted to go to lunch today. I was even willing to go to Frisch’s (only because I REALLY wanted tartar sauce!). But, nooooo…Maddie, my girl, my eating partner in crime, decided that she wanted Pizza Hut so that she could try their new Garlic Bread Pizza. And, of course, Mikey was on board –> like he’d ever give up a chance at the all you can shove into your piehole pizza buffet! Oh, my children.

So – we went. We got the new Garlic Bread Pizza with Pepperoni

It was fine. Needed more sauce. But, tasted like garlic bread…with pepperoni. The good news was that lunch didn’t cost me very much! The boy, of course, ate his body weight in cheese pan pizza! Poor Pizza Hut doesn’t understand that he gets way more than his 3.99’s worth!

Pizza Hut on Urbanspoon

Oh! And, last Saturday, the husband and I just wanted to chill at the house. So, I thought I’d give the Taco Bell Cantina Bowl a whirl. (I tried to go there a couple of weeks ago and they were out of rice!) You know how much I love Chipotle – thought I’d give Taco Bell a chance. Should have known better…

Yeah, it’s pretty sad. I didn’t really want meat. So, I got the Veggie Cantina Bowl. A smidgen of rice. A few black beans – some corn. Not quite sure why they still charge me as much as a meat one – when they didn’t add any more vegetables. It was HORRIBLE. I mean, didn’t even want to take any more bites, after the first 2, horrible. Again, should have known. I’ll stick with my beloved Chipotle.

Taco Bell on Urbanspoon

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