Pizza, pizza and yes, even more pizza!

Back from vacation. Back to normal life. Guess what that means? Yes, Friday night, pizza nights, have been reinstated. Yippee. <–note the lack of enthusiasm.

The boy, however, was excited. Good thing somebody was!

It’s probably been 2 months since we’ve had the dreaded Larosa’s – so, off we went! Yeah (yes, again, the sarcasm)

Cheese Pizza

UGLY – but, Mikey liked it. Of course.

Spicy Hot Topper – the husband suckered ME into it.

It’s not horribly ugly but it could be better. It was fine – could have used some more toppings! And, of course, I dunk it in garlic butter sooooo…automatically tastes better!

Oh wait…PIZZA times are NOT over yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay – I started working out. Jillian Michaels does NOT mess around. I think my body went into shock because I couldn’t move my legs Saturday night. (Yes, I’m aware of how pathetic I am) Meaning, I couldn’t go to a wedding with the husband AND that Mikey and I were on our own for dinner = pizza (again!)

Hello, Marco’s!

Mikey and I got an XL (had a coupon) Pizza, half cheese, half pepperoni and onions.

I really like Marco’s. Mikey really liked the crust – we had lots of mutilated pizza slices…on about 4 of them, he just cut off the crust and ate that! (Little does he know that I got the garlic butter crust topper) See? He likes good food when I sneak it in!

So – it was a Holy Pizza!!! Weekend. And, tonight is Friday – which means I’m right back into the pizza eating again.

BTW – worked out 5 days this week. My body has slowly accepted its fate.

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