We are lazy – and, get delivery

Well, I’m running 2 weeks behind on my pizza reporting. THIS week (meaning, 2 days ago), I escaped Friday pizza night! The husband took the boy to Pizza Hut. It’s awesome when they decide that they need man time. It’s a win/win for all of us.

However, LAST week – I wasn’t so lucky. Because I’m lazy, we got pizza delivered, not once, but twice. Again. 2 weeks in a row. This has to be some sort of record for my laziness.

In my DEFENSE, I started working out 2 weeks ago. It doesn’t work the same for me. It just makes me more tired. Thinner with zits and more tired. Sounds AWESOME, doesn’t it?

We got Larosa’s, on Friday night, to appease the boy’s horrible taste buds.

Cheese Pizza

Other Pizza – Pepperoni

It was Larosa’s. That’s all I can say.

THEN – Sunday night (I think), we ordered pizza again. We went to a friend’s house Saturday AND to a friend’s house Monday so…since I was making a ton of things, I felt justified in my pizza ordering. Just sayin’.

Domino’s Cheese

Domino’s Pepperoni and Onion (thin crust)

I really like Dominos thin crust – but, their onions are kind of weird.

Made all sorts of things over the Labor Day Weekend – pizza monkey bread, stuffed jalapenos, greek chili, fried pickles, deviled eggs, baked beans…see why I had pizza delivered?

My daughter – girl after my own heart – made these cupcakes, for Labor Day. ALL by herself. Not a smidgen of help from her mama!

Raspberry Hot Chocolate Cupcakes

Not only were they beautiful – but delicious, too! That’s my girl!

I’m hoping that we get some “normal” weekends in here, shortly – but, doesn’t look like that’s happening any time soon. My blog is sad. 😦

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