Claddagh – Mason (yes, we ventured out of the West Side)


Do you know what that sound is? That, my friends, is the sound of a pizza FREE weekend! Not a single bite of pizza was consumed. Of course, I think Mikey ate some, at his school dance, on Friday but me? Nothing!

Friday night, went to the Journey concert, with friends = got some Riverbend Cheese and Bacon Fries for dinner. Had lots of fun – VERY impressed that Pat Benatar can still rock it and she’s almost 60!

Quite amusing though – watching the middle-aged people, drink way too much beer, grope each other and then scream and shout like Journey just came out yesterday. Guess 30 years isn’t that long ago? But, again, I recognized more songs that I thought I would and had VIP parking, great seats and good friends. ūüôā

Saturday date night – I had a GC to Regal Theater, in Mason and we decided to see Trouble with the Curve (which was a really great movie, after we figured out what it was called – as did everyone else in line!)

But, first…dinner!

We both were in the mood for some fish. So, we ventured into Claddagh Irish Pub. There are sooooooooooooo many restaurants in Mason. Which, I noticed, caused NONE of them to be busy on this Saturday night. We got sat right away (at a huge barrel table – the hubby and I were REALLY far away from each other). And, he got to watch the Reds game. Yes, tell me I’m the best wife, ever, right now.

Typically, since I don’t eat a lot, he waits to see what I order and if it’s the same as what he was going to order, he gets something else. BUT – that night, regardless of the fact that we both wanted Fish and Chips, he wanted his to be HOT when he ate it. He didn’t think he’d be able to eat his AND mine but I figured that he had it in him.*

We (well, HE) ordered a side of the Kettle Chips with BBQ for an appetizer. (Let’s just say, we’ve been married a long time and we still don’t agree on apps).

They were good – they tasted like homemade potato chip, just like they should have. The BBQ sauce was tasty!

Our fish came out, super fast. (There are some benefits for it being a slow night, I suppose)


Fish 2

The fish was AWESOME. Very light batter (unlike that crappy batter at The Pub – which is English and not the superior Irish, anyway) – crispy and you could actually taste the fish! Good tartar sauce, lots of vinegar – fantastic. The hubby agreed.

The chips were potato wedges, with really delicious seasoning – maybe thyme? So yum! It was almost a perfect plate of food. Why almost?

Well, the cole slaw was horrendous. Tasted like straight cabbage. We both left the tasteless cole slaw sit to the side – to be thrown away. Sad little cole slaw.

Claddagh Irish Pub on Urbanspoon

Since our food came out so fast, we had time to stop at Graeter’s for ice cream. For those of you that know me…I’m an ice cream addict. I haven’t had it in about a month (I gave it up and starting working out). Well, I’ve had Orange Leaf which 1. isn’t ice cream and 2. isn’t really that good. (Yeah, I said it!)

BUT – since it was date night and the husband suggested it…I figured that I could take one for the team and eat some ice cream. Jeesh – the things a woman has to do sometimes!

I did NOT get my usual lime soda. I know – the Earth must have been off its axis a smidgen. I got…

Vanilla with Black Raspberry 

Yum. I was a happy girl. Give me Graeter’s and I shut up. (The husband enjoys this, immensely)

Had a fantastic date night – good food, a great movie and, as always, spending it with my favoritest person ever.

*I’m always right. He DID finish mine.

Graeter's Ice Cream on Urbanspoon

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