Donato’s and channeling my inner Colonel Sanders

The husband was out of town this week – his annual golf trip, with the boys. Of course, they might be old men, by now, not so much the boys…

So – it meant that I had a lot of down and free time. Which, to me, means lots of reading and lots of blankets! I do snuggling and reading VERY well.

Friday, even though the boy wasn’t with me (he spent the night at granny’s), I decided to order some Donatos. I feel like I used to love Donatos and since the boy was gone…it was time to revisit. (and, I didn’t feel like leaving the safety of my warm blanket)

I got thin crust, pepperoni zinger

It was pretty good – definitely needed more sauce (and,yes, I requested extra sauce – don’t think that they read that part). I’ll have to say, though, Marco’s thin crust still has them ALL beat.

BUT – I didn’t have to make dinner and I didn’t have to leave. I was happy – with my nose in a book.

Donatos Pizza on Urbanspoon

I got the boy back Saturday afternoon. After some grocery shopping and running around, I was able to complete my lazy weekend…but, with company, this time.

Mikey read (and finished!) The Hunger Games. I read about 4 books. He was on one end of the couch and I was on the other.

We were 2 lazy peas, in a reading pod!

He REALLY wanted Pizza Hut, for dinner. But, we also didn’t feel like driving (delivery isn’t an option – there aren’t any close to us!). So, even though he’s sick of Larosa’s (yeah!!!!), we ended up ordering it anyway.

I ordered his pizza with extra sauce, hoping it would help the dry old mess we usually get.

Mikey said that it was good – he ate all but 2 pieces of a medium (we got it cut into squares)

I got a Baked Buddy, since I had pizza the previous night.

Since I got extra sauce (of course), it looked like a hot mess. But, I’ll have to admit, it was pretty damn tasty!

We were content.

I, also, decided this week that I was bringing back old school Sunday Dinners. You know, where you go ALL out and make a full on, homemade meal, for Sundays. So, tonight (Sunday), I made Fried Chicken, REAL Mashed Potatoes, Gravy (yes, homemade), Corn (might have been Steam Fresh), Homemade Biscuits (they were gross – I ran out of baking powder…LOL) and mac’n’cheese for the boy. (that was so NOT homemade, unless Bob Evans is considered homemade!)

Here’s my very first go at Fried Chicken (I’ve done fried tenders and wings before, but never whole chicken!)

Finger Licking Good!

The next best part is that I had leftovers. Which means that Leftover Thursday is looking pretty good!

Happy Cooking and Happy Eating!

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