Happy Anniversary (that’s, 13, baby!)

Our anniversary was October 9th – and, my camera decided to poop out. It still, makes me so damn sad.

My heart suffers, when my blog suffers. Oh, the misery.

So, where do 2 foodie people spend their anniversary? Only at the best steakhouse, in Cincinnati! Eddie Merlot’s baby! <–And, yes, I know, right now, the Jeff Ruby fanatics are going nuts. I can’t help it – I love my Eddie Merlot’s. I’ve only been to the Jeff Ruby, downtown, and while the food was, obviously, very good. The vibe of the place just didn’t resonate with me. Eddie Merlot’s, to me, is more trendy. Younger. Definitely a little edgier. I, do, however, want to give Carlo and Johnny a whirl, one of these days (maybe for NYE?)

We dropped the kiddies off and headed to our fabulous date night, ALONE!

I didn’t feel like the wine – I know, shocker! I got some iced tea – that wasn’t very good. They added some spice to it and I just wasn’t digging it.

We started off with a Caesar Salad (when I let the hubby pick the salad, it always comes back to Caesar) – I’ve had it before. Very good, of course. The bread, was extra tasty, that night, too!

I ordered the 8oz. Filet with yummy, delicious bearnaise sauce (I could, totally, drink it – don’t judge).

Note – I said that my camera pooped out. It did. 😦 The husband took these with his phone. I can’t even begin to tell you how sad this makes me.

The filet was, of course, perfection. My knife SLID through it and the second the delectable meat, hit my tongue, it melted. I can’t make this stuff up, people. There IS a reason that USDA Prime gets such a huge distinction. (and, no, don’t tell me that Longhorn or Outback has great steak right now – believe me, they aren’t even in the same league!)

I don’t have a picture of the bearnaise sauce (his stupid camera couldn’t get everything!) but, trust me…it was awesome! I *might* have been licking it out of the boat.

We split some of the special menu (Steakhouse Classics) potatoes – Old World Potatoes – Potatoes cooked with onions, bacon, peppers and vinegar.

They were pretty good – I do enjoy the bacon.

And, let me just say a word about WHY I love my husband. Next to us – there was a group of 3 businessmen. They were all talking about their girlish figures – and, proceeded to order the SMALLEST filet with sides of broccoli. Seriously? Seriously?!?!?! Man it up, boys!

THIS is why my husband is FABULOUS!

It’s called The Tomahawk (also, on the Steakhouse Classics menu). 26 – 28oz (in case you’re not good with math – that’s over  1 1/2 POUNDS of steak!) long bone Ribeye. No girly filet. He got the Fred Flintstone, baby!

And, proceeded to eat all of it.

He said it was awesome – but, he would never eat that much steak again! 🙂 We did, however, have a gigantor doggy bone for our 4# chiweenie.

Even though he struggled through the huge steak, we couldn’t leave Eddie Merlot’s without ordering our beloved Vanilla Cognac Brownie

Yes, it was just as delicious as it looks. And, then some. It was worth loosening up the pants button!

Another fabulous dinner. And, another fabulous year, with the best husband a woman could ask for!

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