Hot Head Burrito – Ross

I had a BOGO coupon, and with the husband and I, occasionally, attempting to save money, we visited Hot Head Burrito, after church!

Now, you know my love for Chipotle, right? While their customer service, has sucked it, for the past couple of months, taste wise…they can’t be beat. I’ve tried Qdoba and Moe’s – but, they just don’t do it for me.

I went into Hot Head, with a very open mind – believe me, I WANT to like new burrito places! I ordered what I always get at Chipotle (and, it’s set up VERY similar – they do, however, have ground beef, queso, jalapenos, raw onions and a ton of fun sauces!) – white rice, black and pinto beans, pico, extra sour cream, white cheese (oh, yeah, Hot Head had cheddar, too!) and guacamole. And, I had them add a crapton of chalula sauce to it!

Verdict? I liked it – it was *almost* like Chipotle. I’ll explain the differences, after I post a pic of my husband’s. I was flying through the line – so, I have not a single clue as to what he got on his. (I know he didn’t get guacamole!)

The husband liked Hot Head BETTER than Chipotle. I know why…

It all comes down to the cilantro. He’s not a fan. Chipotle is and so am I. I like Chipotle’s rice better – it has more lime and cilantro and I really (I mean, REALLY) dig that.

Chipotle, also, has better guacamole.

But – Hot Head, you can get a lil bowl or lil burrito. That’s nice for those of us that don’t eat a lot. AND, the workers, at Hot Head were awesome –> helpful and happy to be there!

I like that Hot Head has a lot of sauce choices – the sweet habanero was really good and definitely a nice change.

So, while ultimately, I like Chipotle, better – I would (and will) definitely return to Hot Head again!

See? I’m not totally difficult!

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2 thoughts on “Hot Head Burrito – Ross

  1. I went to the mayfield location yesterday for the first time I hated it the food wasn’t fresh at all. I paid my money for nothing tastes very old terrible I will never come back

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