Lawrenceburger – Lawrenceburg, IN

The husband and I, typically, don’t hang out in Lawrenceburg, but we ARE suckers for a good burger. We’ve been to Whiskey’s (didn’t really like it) and noticed a burger joint (I believe Whiskey’s owns it?)  in front – called Lawrenceburger. Again, I’m not sure if that’s its name – but, it seems like it, according to google. 😉 Sorry, there’s no website, either.

I feel like the sign read “Lawrenceburg Bar and Burgers” BUT…who knows? Regardless, I was down for the burger.

I think I had 2 bites (literally) of food, all day, so, I really was ravenous. 😉

It’s a teeny place – definitely a dive. Maybe 8 tables in the whole place, plus the bar. But, I’m not snobby! Plus, the husband liked that there were flat screens on the tables. So easily amused.

Menu was simple – burgers, sandwiches, fries/sides. I think a couple of salads (I just bypassed those).

Because we’re piggies and can’t refuse fatty food, we ordered Chili Cheese Fries, for an appetizer.

Do you see the vast amounts of oozing cheese? Do you?!?! Yep, they were just as damn tasty as they look! A perfect amount of (yummy) chili and lots and lots (and then, even more) of melted cheese! I *might* have asked for a side of ranch.

My date got a burger called the Bicycle Wreck (burger, bleu cheese, horseradish cream sauce, plus toppings) and substituted onion rings, for fries.

Okay, I thought I got a picture of his burger – I don’t think I did (I was using his phone, anyway – broken camera, remember?)

He thought it was good – however, there were no salivating motions or signs so I’m guessing it wasn’t awesome, according to HIS standards.

I just created my own – Burger with Cheddar, Bacon and Horseradish Sauce.

Eh – it was okay. The potential was there but the burger was over cooked and dry. Also, needed to be cheesier. <–I’m allowed to create words, BTW. They forgot the bacon, the first time…so, they gave me a huge side of it (that’s always a bonus). But, I was kind of angry that I paid $2 for a SMEAR of horseradish sauce. Seriously, horseradish and mayo/sour cream doesn’t cost $2! The onions rings tasted like fryer grease.

So – mixed review here. The chili cheese fries = awesome. The burgers, not so much.

Lawrenceburger on Urbanspoon

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