Long John Silvers – Cheviot

I know, I know – Long John Silvers is so old school. Here’s a clue…I’M old school!

For me, Long John Silvers brings back childhood memories of all things Lent. We would go, on Fridays, for fried fish and hush puppies – to me, not much of a sacrifice. 😉 I enjoy the fish a little too much! Of course, if you read my blog, you know that already!

I was craving some fried fish, a few weeks ago, and decided to hit up the nostalgic LJS, in Cheviot. And, since I was getting fish, I HAD to get hush puppies, too, right?

I just got 2 pieces of fried fish and some hush puppies – I feel like there was a sale that she talked me into. However, I still think the whole thing was under $4!

Say what you will about LJS, but they make some really tasty, crispy fish! Seriously, I loved it. The hush puppies are kind of boring but not everyone can make them as delicious as I can. 😉

I doused my fish with malt vinegar (I could drink it), dunked it tartar sauce (Frisch’s tartar sauce – sorry, LJS) and it was just yum. The bonus? All of those little fried crunchies, in the bottom of the box! (I got those suckers with the malt vinegar, too! They can’t escape me.)

And, just for the bonus pic…

Not that much different but, you know, thought it deserved another look!

So, even if it’s not the cool and hip place to go, I like it. I might even swing through, in the next week or so, and grab some of their fish tacos! <–Yes, the LJS has become THAT trendy. 😉

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One thought on “Long John Silvers – Cheviot

  1. I’m not big on fish, but I LOVE the chicken & hush puppies. They have the best onion rings, you’re right it has to be Frisch’s tarter sauce.

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