Taco Hell Nachos

I don’t love the Taco Bell. It’s fine, in a pinch. Honestly, contrary to what it seems like here, I don’t eat a ton of fast food. I’m a sucker for Chipotle but I consider that FASTER food. ūüėČ I’ll run through McD’s, for the kids, and I won’t order a single thing for myself. Thanks to the “healthier” fat, their fries now suck, too. Okay, I, sometimes, get a real, live Coke.

If I happen to “feel” like Taco Bell, these are some of the things that are on my approved list – meximelt, bean burrito, chalupa supreme, chili cheese chilito…that’s about it. (Oh, how I miss Zantigo’s!) But, I so enjoy nachos, in general. And, just seeing the commercials for the XXL Steak Nachos (the steak part does NOT really appeal to me) made me want to snag them up! What can I say? I’m highly¬†susceptible¬†to ads!

So, after work today, I ran through the drive-thru! (it still amazes me that seemingly normal people still struggle with ordering via intercom…)

I ordered the XXL Nachos with BEEF (you can get steak, chicken or beef) Steak was out. I’m a steak snob, period and I wouldn’t want steak from Taco Bell. Chicken, I’m so picky about the texture. So, beef it was! $4.99

They were frickin’ HUGE! (I guess the XXL label should have tipped me off, right?)

High points –> Guacamole! They had ALL of the right components (could have used some jalapenos!). Pico de gallo – which I love. Melted cheese AND shredded melted cheese. Nice.

All in all, pretty darn good. And, no, I never thought I’d say that about Taco Bell.

My complaints?

The distribution. Yes, I realize that its fast food. But, I didn’t like how everything was grouped together. A big hunk of meat and beans, in the middle. Pico was concentrated to the one side. Evenly dispersed would have made them perfect. I know that I’m asking a lot…really.


I wouldn’t turn them away. And, I won’t admit that again. Ever.

One thought on “Taco Hell Nachos

  1. BEAUTIFUL. I love taco bell I have to say though those nachos are hard core. I wish they would put one in in – bramalea city centre. Oh well, I guess I will just look at your pictures and salivate.

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